These iPhones or iPads are not Eligible for iOS 11 Update

These iPhones or iPads are not Eligible for iOS 11 Update

In the framework of Apple’s WWDC 2017, the Cupertino company showed the juicy features of iOS 11, the new version of its operating system for mobile devices, which will be available in brief for developers and in autumn for end users. However, not all iPhones and iPads will have it.
During Apple ‘s keynote on June 5 , Tim Cook gave great importance to hardware, introducing the new features such as the renewal of his family of iMacs and MacBooks, his most powerful computer to date and named it as iMac Pro or the last Tablet for professionals, the iPad Pro of 10.5 “ , in addition to HomePod, the new smart speaker to compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home .

The new iOS 11 will allow efficient multitasking, provide quality augmented reality experiences on the iPhone and iPad or enjoy the redesign of the Control Center, which is now much more operational and manageable. However, not all devices will be able to have this operating system. If you have one of the following iPhones or iPads, you will not be able to upgrade to iOS 11.


iPhone and iPad models that can not have iOS 11

These following models of iPhones and iPads are not eligible for new iOS 11 update.

Apple’s new mobile operating system only works on 64-bit devices, meaning that previous Apple products will become obsolete against iOS 11, and 32-bit apps will stop working for this system. These are the devices which are not compatible with iOS 11 OS:

  • iPhone 5, released in 2012.
  • iPhone 5c, released in 2013.
  • IPad 4, released in 2012.

These smart devices will not receive security updates and some applications and games will stop working on them.

Check which apps are compatible with iOS 11

To check which of your installed applications are compatible with the new operating system, go to the Settings> General> About> Applications section. Apple will ask users to complete the update if it is available.




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Discounting support for its devices more than four years old, the Cupertino company wants to urge users to download their latest mobile system when it is operational and to get the company’s newest products, such as the new iPad or The latest iPhone models, waiting for the arrival of the iPhone 8.

These are the devices that are compatible with the new operating system of Apple. If you have any queries regarding the iOS 11 updates or usage, let us know in the below comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your questions.

If you are facing any problem with your new iPhone or iPad devices to upgrade to iOS 11, explain us your problem in the comment section below, we will help you to solve it.

Stay tuned to our website for more iOS 11 updates, news and tricks. We will be updating all the tricks and the new features of iOS 11 here.

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