11 Incredible iOS 11 Features That Will Change Your Day-to-Day Usage

11 Incredible iOS 11 Features That Will Change Your Day-to-Day Usage

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The launch date of iOS 11 is nearer and I know that most of us are eagerly waiting for the day to install the new operating system on their iPhone and iPad.

If you are unaware with the Apple event dates, check the list here.

As events unfold, it is worth taking a look at the 11 new features of iOS 11 that will change your day to day usage.

11 Incredible iOS 11 Features You Can Do Everyday to See Amazing Change

By using features of iOS 11 you can change your day to day usage of your iPhone and iPad.

Let us see what are all the features we can perform.

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch compatible with iOS 11

First of all, it is best to know which iPad and iPhone devices are can upgrade to iOS 11 this fall. 

The complete list is this :

  • On the iPhone, from the iPhone 5s onwards.
  • In the iPad Pro, all models are compatible.
  • On the iPad Air, both 1 and 2.
  • The fifth generation iPad introduced this 2017
  • On the iPad mini, from the iPad mini 2.
  • Only the sixth generation iPod touch.

General enhancements for iOS 11

“A big step for the iPhone” is Apple’s way of introducing iOS 11 to its flagship product. And the truth is that in this version they focus a lot on improving the experience with the iPad. However, there are a number of features common to all the devices:

How to Configure and Customise the Control Center in iOS 11

  • Files will replace iCloud Drive and will handle all of our files. But it will do it with a twist: The integration of third party services like Dropbox. To do this, we need to wait for these vendors to update their apps to integrate with Files. With it, we should have our documents available, similar to a Finder on iOS.
  • Scanning of documents through Notes. A skill that until now belonged to the preserve of third – party apps come with iOS 11. Scanning allows you to adjust the corners, choose the color and trim both before storing in a note as in a later edition. Very useful for those who work with documentation and need to store and share it digitally.
  • New Control Center customizable and in a single “leaf”. In my tests, it is hard to get used to but it is much more comfortable. You can add or hide functions to your liking and it is much faster.
  • The App Store has undergone a total redesign that will make you want to visit it every day. Much more focused on finding those little digital gems that become essential in your day to day, because not everything would be games of busting sweets.
  • Siri also changes her appearance to a card system, as well as improving her voice to make it more natural. In addition, it becomes more proactive to understand the content we see and then write with our contacts, locally. It has a translation system that currently only works in English to other languages.
  • I could not miss ARKit and the new wave of augmented reality apps. Some as simple as a fairly accurate virtual rule and others as delicious as a restaurant menu that shows you your next burger. Without forgetting the games to kill zombies instead of catching Pokemon. It is still in its infancy and we need to see the “Uber” or “WhatsApp” moment of this technology. With a single glue, only available on computers with an A9 chip on.

How to Add and Use Screen Recorder On iPhone/iPad with iOS 11 Control Centre

Improvements for iPad and iPad Pro

If iOS 11 was an important step on the iPhone, for the iPad it is a “huge leap” according to Apple. And the truth is that it is, iOS 11 is the version that will do more to advance the path of productivity in this tablet. The “non-Pro” models will also enjoy some very interesting improvements, although the separation of functions is not yet clear:

  • A redesigned dock to house more apps and propose new ones located on the right side depending on your use.
  • Enhanced multitasking, apps in Slide Over mode that together with Picture in Picture will allow up to 4 apps to run concurrently.
  • The ability to save “pairs” of apps in different spaces that are accessed from the multitasking.
  • Drag and Drop finally reach the iPad. With this feature, we can select multiple elements of an app, be it text, links or images, and move them to another by moving your fingers.
  • More functions for the Apple Pencil (iPad Pro only), such as annotating the new screen capture system, signing scanned documents and taking notes from the locked screen.

These characteristics are the typical example that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Each of them alone does not contribute the same as when viewed as a whole. Handling documents with files, dragging and dropping items as well as multitasking, their spaces, and the Apple Pencil will transform the way you work with these devices. These are the 11 things we can do with iOS 11 that will change your day to day usage with your iPhone and iPad. There are still much more to go. Stay tuned to our website for the latest Apple updates. 

This fall promises to be a turning point in the history of the iPad and iPad Pro. Awesomely isn’t? I think now it got more interesting than before. Even I am waiting eagerly for new official version though I am using the 9th beta version of iOS 11. So far, it is awesome and when it officially launches it will be incredible. Looking forward to the Apple Keynote. 

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Which iPhone or iPad model you are using now?