32 Proven Tactics to Get More Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers

32 Proven Tactics to Get More Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers

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Struggling to get your traction on Facebook and Twitter?

If you’re new to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, growing your followers can seem tiring and frustrating. Getting your first hundred followers is goal number one.

Worry no more! I will share with you 32 proven tips on how to get genuine followers who actually follow you for your updates and follow you on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites.
There’s no need to ask others nor pay anyone for followers.
Just follow this article, and my step-by-step approach, and learn to get many real followers for your social network profiles.
Since the boom of social networks, there has always been a great debate between getting quality followers vs junk followers (playing the follow me, follow back game). There’s also debate between how many people you follow vs how many follow you. The quick answer … basically, we need both quality and quantity of followers. But, sometimes this may be difficult due to inactivity and not knowing the basics.

Should you buy social media followers: The answer is … it’s not advisable. Buy why?

Why You Should Not Buy Social Media Followers

Purchasing followers has become popular amongst influencers seeking to improve their social network presence with increased followers. However, this is just a terrible decision and lousy advice. Because in reality, this type of practice will lead to lame results, especially if we can generate a negative reputation for our brand and may even bring it to its demise.
Purchasing followers has also bled into the professional level, and there are many companies that offer to increase our “social self” for a very low amount of money. We should not ever do this.

Getting quality followers in social networks will be very easier from now if you follow the recommendations in this guide. I recommend you do not miss the strategy that I use to get quality followers on Twitter, a fully manual and where you decide each of the profiles you want to follow.

In this guide, I will explain step-by-step strategies and tricks to get quality followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. But first, we will see some aspects that are general to any social network and then I will explain each specific case. Also read about designers to follow on Twitter in the Theymakedesign blog.

Easy Guide To Improve Your Social Network With Quality And Genuine Followers within Less time

Let us see all the important points in order to increase our social network with quality people.

1. Define your ideal follower

It is very important that you define the target user that you would like to capture as a new follower. If you do, the last definition might make the mistake of having a community of followers of these comprehensive profiles, and engagement detracts from it. So, make a clear decision to make quality followers.

2. Hit your content strategy on Social Networks

It is essential to know the contents that are more demanding for users to match and can thereby achieve greater visibility in the social environment. Think that the more users see our content and have more chance of increasing the number of followers.

3. Publish quality content by adding good Value to it

This is definitely the best way to get quality followers on social networks. If the content that we publish each day is an excellent value for the audience, this will be a great magnet to attract and capture thousands of followers that none will lose our content.

4. Increase in engagement

If we can get our publications by achieving good engagement, this will make Twitter the stand for a particular hashtag. It will bring us greater visibility and the possibility of increasing followers; for that reason, this guide bet to get quality followers because they are the Most will help you improve engagement in social networks.

5. Branding

Improve the image of personal branding should be very useful, and this is the best tool to attract a high number of followers. A brand that shines is a powerful magnet to increase followers.

6. The Social Media Influencers

Influencers in social networks are a powerful and effective amplifier of our brand in social media. So, it is essential that we identify professional people in the social network and follow them and make the content enjoyable and respond to them with your ideas, making you look unique in the crowd.

7. Post at the best times

You must know what time your followers are online to set the period of most significant activity. So, you can distribute your daily publications during these hours. There are 3 best tools ever to post in the best times those are Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Google+ – Google Timing Unlock

  • Analyze the best time posted on Google Plus.
  • You can see your most popular posts on Google Plus.
  • Ranking of the best times to post.

Facebook – Crowdbooster

Crowdbooster is a tool to analyze the entire engagement from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and when it happens. The device is chargeable and will cost $ 9 a month. You can add a page to Facebook and Twitter. Another exciting aspect of this tool is that you can find more active users.

Twitter – SocialBro

This is the complete tool where we can find active followers on Twitter, but also we can use it to determine the best time for publication.

8. Use other channels to increase followers

There are other ways where we can increase quality followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus :
  • Through your blog or website.
  • Adding social media to your email signature.
  • Analyzing other social networks.
  • Through mass email marketing campaigns.
  • Through guest blogging.
  • Conducting training courses.
  • Participating in conferences or seminars.

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Get Quality Followers on Twitter:


1. Add a person to a list

When you add someone to a list, we need to create an interest in our Twitter profile. So, the other person will get interested in following us back.

2. Strategy: continue to follow me

We must implement a good strategy to get quality followers on Twitter. This strategy must take into account and the latest published tweets; as people analyze our profile, this will be one of the things that determine whether we can continue.

3. Optimize your biography and photo

Every user who visits our profile first looks at our name, our photo, and our biography. This is the way to try to identify an exciting profile to follow. Since searches are performed according to the content, the biography should be fascinating with 3 or 4 hashtags. We must choose those most interesting hashtags so that more people will find us in this way.

4. Use hashtags in your posts

Using hashtags amplifies the scope of our tweets, and you can reach thousands of people within minutes. This increased visibility will provide a larger number of Twitter followers.

5. Use infographics

Using computer graphics allows us to increase the engagement and reach of our tweets. According to a study conducted by social networks, the buffers are as follows:
  • Tweets with images received 18% more clicks.
  • Posts with images received 89% more favorites.
  • Posts with images get 150% more retweets.

6. Twitter Ads

Create ads and pay Twitter a small fee. This allows us to segment the audience that we want, which can get us quality followers on Twitter. You decide if you create a post on Twitter from scratch or push out a specific publication. Increase your Twitter Followers with this Quality Strategy.
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Now I will tell you the strategy I use to increase quality followers on Twitter. This strategy is an action to get followers by following other professionals.

To execute the strategy you need:

  • Have an account on SocialBro.
  • Make an account on Commun.it.
  • Optimize your profile picture and biography.

Step 1:

Define the user profile you want to start following. In this case, let’s say I fetch the profile #SEO, but I must define a geographic strategy to see how we will try to get quality followers depending on the country. In my case, I set the following priority countries; US, UK, etc.

Step 2:

Enter 3 inputs of great value and the selected theme, in this case of the SEO.
Why 3 inputs?
The answer is straightforward because when accessing a Twitter profile to a user’s default, we only see the last 3 tweets: the people we analyze and our biography helps us decide whether to follow them or not.

Step 3:

We will use SocialBro, and we will search for SEO in the US, but we also will add a series of filters, which I will explain now. Then we introduce a keyword search, which would be “SEO” and the country, and immediately click on search.
After the search, there appear hundreds or thousands of Twitter accounts, and the amount will depend on the term you have chosen, and now what we do is a series of filters to find only those accounts that are more active in the social network. Those it is easier to return us to follow.
To do this we will apply 3 filters:
  • Ratio followers / followed: 1.5.
  • Tweets per day: Minimum 3.
  • Language: English
With these 3 filters, the list will be consolidated considerably. Still, it will be managed to get the most active Twitter SEO in the US, and that there is a good chance of them returning the favor. As the ratio of followers / followed is increased, the likelihood that the person follows us in return reduces as well.
We will review each and every single one of the biographies of people who have found in this quest to keep those profiles that best suit our needs and preferences.

Step 4:

Follow 5 people a day who are very active and participatory. With this, we will leverage our content. We will click on the section “Community” and will see two areas that are “Who Retweeted Me” and “Consider to Follow,” where we will find profiles that follow you and care about the content you publish.

Step 5:

Unfollow inactive users. We must follow very active people on Twitter, but some users may stop using it over time and even leave. So, it makes no sense to follow a person who does not publish.

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To do this, we will go to the Socialbro community, navigate to users we follow and apply a filter to show users whose last tweet is 3 months old or more. Then, we will analyze each case individually to see if we should continue to follow this person.
As you can see, it is a simple method that you should continue to do each week and eventually see a growth curve at around 30% or 40% from 70-90 monthly supporters. Someone may think it’s not much, but it is a natural method to get quality followers on Twitter.

Get Quality Followers on Google+

A very common mistake when building followers is to think that the same strategies that I use in a social network will serve me for another. This is not always the case. Before you start with the best strategies to get quality followers on Google Plus, take a look at some mistakes that you should avoid. These can negatively affect your chances of getting more followers to a huge degree.

What to avoid:

  • Having an incomplete profile.
  • Having an abandoned profile.
  • Using the same format or communication would use on other social networks.
  • Do not respond to comments and private messages.
  • Not thanking people who share our content.
  • Do not use a format adapted to our post.
  • Using a personal profile as one company.
  • Do not use hashtags.
  • Not understanding the use of viral infographics large.
  • Do not connect with other users.
  • Not knowing the rules of Google+.
  • Thinking it’s an expendable social network.
  • Do not know the policy content and user behavior.
  • Ignoring the target to which we are headed.
  • Not define a strategy on Google Plus.
  • Ignorance as improving our search engine rankings and increase visits and Blog.
  • Left out source of the content you share.
  • Not participate in Communities.
  • Not knowing the rules of a community and make the mistake of spamming.

What is the best Google Plus Strategy?

The first few weeks on Google+ are very tough, and you add a lot of people waiting for a percentage of them to follow you back. That usually does not happen, or at least it did not happen to me.
Here’s how to do it the right way.

Get quality Google+ followers:


1. Post content of 4 to 6 daily

The publication frequency varies for each social network, on Google Plus a good publication frequency is 4-6 posts per day, each day of the week. Remember to consider the best time to publish so that you reach the highest possible visibility.

2. Participation in Communities of Google+

Participating in the Communities of Google Plus is a great way to make yourself known to many active users in the community, who may eventually include you in their circles.

3. Be active and participate

It is very important to participate everywhere, and being active will be a powerful magnet that will help us get quality followers on Google Plus.

4. Consistency and coherence

If you work consistently, you’ll capture the attention of a larger number of people.

5. Promote a good relationship

Always surround yourself with good people who are active in the network, but do it slowly.

6. Integrates Google+ comments on your blog

This will encourage the engagement of your blog and increase the visibility and reach of your posts on Google Plus.

7. Use the power of infographics

Infographics are the most viral content, and they can attract visitors to your Google+ profile. This is certainly the best way to get followers on this social network. Also, infographics are more content engagement in Google Plus.

8. Thanks to everyone who makes distributing your posts

Creating a good relationship with other colleagues is essential in the management of any social network, but on Google Plus it is very important to thank all the people who spread and share your content.

9. Following other profiles

How do we find people we include in our circles?
  • Analyzing popular hashtags for your brand and finding the most active and influential members.
  • Accessing the communities of my themes. Using tools such as  Cycle Count helps you better to understand Google+ and find the best professionals in this network.

Get Facebook Followers


As we all know, Facebook is a hugely famous network where we share all of our statuses, images, posts, etc. Millions of members from different countries exist in this vast social network. So, here I have given some of the tips and tricks to get real Facebook Fans.

Increase follower quality

1. With good profile and homepage design.

The most important thing is the Profile or Homepage of your Facebook account. Rather than using fake images, use the original one, and show uniqueness through your Facebook Profile.

2. Publishing valuable and useful content

It is the best way to get quality fans on Facebook; the more value and utility are excellent for getting more fans. If we share a trending or exciting piece of content, it goes viral so that you can be known to many, and there are the most number of chances to get unique Facebook Followers. So, it is good to ask ourselves the following;
  • What do our followers want to see?
  • Why must we have our Facebook fans?

3. Creating paid advertisements with Facebook Ads

If you have just landed on Facebook, many people will tell you to only focus on spreading the brand, but in my opinion, that is totally wrong. We should get fans of quality and not just any fan. In paying ads will create two types of ads; a predefined ad where we will raise awareness of our company and original form, and the other one is where we will promote useful content. Combining both types of ads, we can get more fans on Facebook. No need to spend big bucks; you can start with an ad with a daily amount of $2 or $4 as you wish.

4. Organizing a contest

Having a competition can be a handy tool to get quality Facebook fans. Use the tool Easypromos to organize games, and contests for votes. It is essential to do this. 

5. Connect your blog to Facebook page

By connecting the Facebook page to your blog, Facebook page followers will become your blog fans and vice-versa. It’s a great way to get high-quality fans on Facebook. The Like button should be in a prominent location in the blog.

6. Increase the frequency of posting on Facebook

The only way to alleviate the reduction of our publications’ organic range is to increase the frequency of publications we do every day. Publishing a suitable frequency is 3 to 4 daily publications.

7. Interact with fans and generate discussion from your content

Interaction is critical in managing any social network; influencers must interact with fans and get them to “Like” and share content. We get a viral effect through our publications, sometimes through useful content, and sometimes through fun and playful graphics.

8. Sharing the content of other professionals

Suppose we share and discuss the content published by other professionals. In that case, we can create bridges of communication that eventually may be bidirectional and allow other industry peers to share our content. In turn, this will get us quality Facebook fans.

9. Using very original, fresh and fun infographics

So, these are tips and tricks to get real and genuine followers on all social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., in no time.
I hope this guide helps you gain visibility in the social market. If you have any queries, let us know them in the below comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.

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