Top 10 Best Puzzle PC Games of 2022

best Puzzle PC games
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Today on Alltop9 we have compiled the list of the top 10 best Puzzle PC games 2022. Every games are being famous with its features and stages (levels of the game) . People like the games and judge them with their advance gaming activities and levels. Every game is to play online and can download to your PC. The net worth of wealth of a game is an public knowledge. Here are the top 10 best Puzzle PC games 2022. This list contains famous adventure games which are richest in playing by every individual in 2022.

Quadrilateral Cowboy

Armed with programming skills and basic yellow laptop, Quadrilateral Cowboy has hacked through your corporate defenses to steal confidential data well protected facilities. This is done by creating and implementing command lines to avoid obstacles, typing on her laptop while sneaking through each level. Write (3), and grilled in front of you will open for three seconds, for example. You have to string multiple commands together as trips to increases in difficulty, making Cowboy Quadrilateral puzzle game that is challenging and touch again. It is a pleasure to type commands directly into your laptop magic, and his adventures are expressed in styles of humor and cheerful vaudeville Citizen Power universe we have examined in Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights from Amar. It will be great.

The Witness

A puzzle game set on a mysterious island by Jon Blow, the man behind the braid. Share with little MYST series – including, Eric A. Anderson, designer. The nature of their puzzle, and ideas that tie them all together, remains a mystery, although the last blog update on the site states that the account is already up to 595 puzzle.


The scale is a first person puzzle game allows you to shrink and rebigulate objects in their environment with the help of gun-scale magic. It sounds a bit like Portal mixed with Honey, I shrunk the Kids, and that is clearly something that should exist. You play the role of Penny, a great physical adventure to … well, actually I do not know that part yet. But it is a mission that includes a colorful world full of things to do very small or large. For example, shoot the moon affects the tides and either raising or lowering the water level on Earth. Zoom butterfly, and then he will be able to ride in the back of the insect. It’s a clever idea for a game, so hopefully that creator Steve SWINK do it justice. Given the short video evidence Kickstarter and many great GIFs, which seems to be on track.


Cutting-edge stealth game inspired by the Thief, William Burroughs, David Lynch, moody and other interesting things. Tangier promise surreal landscapes and ideas by the bucketload, but perhaps the most novel so far teasing a physical game with the words – can literally pick up the thoughts of a guard and throw distraction.

Fract OSC

The construction of the prototype Rads IGF award winning again in 2011, and the team has been working to make a full statement since. Your selection is almost complete, so soon we’ll all be able to enjoy this puzzle game the abstract world open. The synthesizer sound is essential for the implementation of many of the puzzle Rads, and ends with a good dose of lasers and Tron-esque environments.


A puzzle platformer in four dimensions, Miegakure looks like it could be possibly be one of the most challenging puzzle games ever devised. After playing in private accumulation, Braid creator Jon Blow says “I find it easy to think Miegakure as one of the greatest puzzle games of all time.” It has even immortalized in a comic xkcd. To complete puzzles to change the environment to affect the fourth-dimensional three-dimensional space. Even after seeing the trailer informative, it’s hard to get your head around. The best solution would be to play, but no release date, or any sign of public display.


Clearly a fan of the Metal Gear Solid VR missions, Mike Bithell next game after Thomas was only one version of Robin Hood through simulation of military secrecy. The trick here is that gadgets and abilities revolve around making noise. Distraction is key, and by truncheons, horns and thunder, it’s your job to handle the guards play in creating a path through the level. Apart from history, is a key element in the game is its level editor, making false furtively going to last a long time in the year.

Life Goes On

The exhibition tells the sad, but also funny history of life is a puzzle game where you control a conveyor belt of ladies dirty, sacrificing one by one to the other could be a little deeper into the dungeon, and then dies to convert from a creative and fun way. Scratch that itch with a playable demo lemming.

The Escapsists

What do you expect from a developer Chris Davis Spud Quest is doing, then it probably was not the escapist: prison break top-down indie sim. It’s a game about, well, out of prison, but it is not as simple as activating a scene or get one of those delicious cakes-file-hidden – planning, surreptitiousness, processing, bribery, and training needs hell of a lot of digging. The escapist in Shawshank, The Great Escape and Escape from Alcatraz, all in one.


You play magic ball lost in the alien rampant in this puzzle platform game Hashbang trap spacecraft. The electrical loop lets you stick to walls and small nails driven through trash with traps and elsewhere, features deadly deadly.

This is the list of the Top 10 best puzzle PC games of 2022. Just review and enjoy the new and brilliant games.



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