Top 10 Most and Best Popular Action PC Games in 2024

popular action PC games
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Today on Alltop9 we have compiled the list of the top 10 most and best popular action PC games 2024. Every game is famous for its features and stages of the game. People like the games and judge them with their advanced gaming activities and levels. Every game is to play online and can download to your PC. The net worth of the wealth of a game is public knowledge.
Here are the top 10 most and best popular action PC games 2024. This list contains famous action games which are the richest in playing by every individual in 2024.

Watch Dogs

Although in recent years, Ubisoft has been happy to milk Creed Assassin license until its ruddy teats squeaked, do not forget that space – wizards – thru – mega story – the franchise is born of great creative risk: a new IP’s t cost much more to develop, rumors, sales do not cover the cost of development until its results were on the shelves. Now, one huge studio, Ubisoft Montreal, has released Watch Dog – a game no less comprehensive than Assassins Creed, combining information with riot complex steps of brutal warfare in the third person and was being questioned by some form of intelligent crossing multiplayer/singleplayer. Not just a showcase for the type of polygon crunching power it can produce before PC (finally released from the shackles of the past generation multiplatform launch), but also establishes fiction that Ubisoft is hoping it will be seen through the next decade. Watchdogs, for its crazy, stood as a top 2nd best action PC game.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tom Clancy’s division is the top 1 most popular action PC game. Extension of the disease destroys Black Friday in the United States for five days. As part of the Division, with the task of saving what is left. Going against both AI and other players MMO third-person shooter was very ambitious from Ubisoft. Expect meticulously designed rooms courtesy Snowdrop promising new engine; expect the attention to detail is ridiculous (finally broken car windshields as they should); do not expect to leave any time soon. The Division is when he does, as recently delayed Ubisoft Rainbow Six: Patriots shows. 

Grand Theft Auto 5

There has been no confirmation of the next blockbuster Rockstar for PC, but it would be going back if world Grand Theft Auto 5 was abandoned on consoles forever. This is not Red Dead Redemption, a game developed by PC studio with about three credits to his name – this is GTA, whose each major installment series have appeared on PC. And it’s developed by Rockstar North, a team ( even including his legacy as DMA Design ) that has brought all seven of their games to PC bar. And where Internet applications to port over from Walker Amiga is, I can ask?

One of the biggest releases, GTA 5 will see the player takes the role of three different characters who try to make pastry in the center of Tinseltown glamour and corruption sunbaked Los Santos. A pastry Tainted given the legacy of the series that fertile crime: theft, bumps, and chases – high speed is the order of the day, mixed with all the leisure activities of a bully on the rolling high you may want. Element online game, GTA online lets you do all that, but … expanded online multiplayer Bright Red Dead Redemption to wrap all of Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto 5 is a 3rd top most popular action PC game.

Mirror’s Edge 2

Mirrors Edge 2 open-world action-adventure as EA Labels president Frank Gibeau, who apparently used the term in the editorial E3 analyst call last June. There will be a prequel, too, tells the story of the origin of faith tattooed heroine, before – tattoo. The size of the test area is currently unknown – we have all seen a short trailer of the game features a pair of gloves and a lot of punches. But the change of direction will have the opportunity to make a classic aspect of worship as a practice session. Not least because of Mirror Edge 2 races in Frostbite 2, Battlefield 4 engine. In particular, excels in physics, so you get your money’s worth on broken glass and billowing fabric.

This is one of the best and most popular top 10 action PC games. ” [ Producer Sara Jansson ] pitched an idea that, in fact, only be built in four generations. ‘ Concept S amazing, and when she came to us, we know we have. And yes, we have been testing ideas and things have been prototypes and I’m glad we expect to have the right idea, “said Patrick Soderlund, Executive Vice President of EA Games Label. “I was impressed,” he said.

Mad Max

An open-world Mad Max game from the developers of Just Cause? You do not need to be Bolo Santosi to know the value in that. We have barely seen any of it so far, but Mad Max seems to fuse the go anywhere, grapple-hook anything attitude of the Just Cause series with brutal weaponry, ammo scarcity, added car customization, and a significantly browner color palette.

Elite: Dangerous

David Braben finally makes the Elite sequel you’ve all been waiting patiently since Frontier: First Encounters came to each other in 1995 and did not work properly. With millions of crowdfunded and possibly investors, this could be the successor’s Starbound people have longed for. In the months since the announcement rather scarce, Braben and company. They have posted some videos and screenshots that show that they are a promising track. Between this and Star Citizen, seems to be going for a new golden age of space sims.

Star Citizen

The hype behind the new project of Chris Roberts is amazing, at a cost of $ 35 million and rising. A spiritual successor to the likes of Wing Commander, privateer, Freespace and its ilk, the star of the citizens is one of the largest experiments in the genre many consider dead. Surpassing even Elite: Dangerous betting all-give-us-the-money, the project has so far absorbed in cash as a supermassive black hole; if Roberts and co. use resources wisely, Star Citizen could well become the largest and most ambitious space simulator ever made. So, no pressure then.

Deus Ex Universe

“Most of the team behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution is already working hard on the new game,” said Chief David Anfossi Eidos Montreal in October, confirming that the series of joint Interlock games Facebook / iOS Deus Ex Universe includes adequate budgetary great game we can play on our computer. It will be part of a wider network of titles and spin will all do their part in an “ongoing, expanding the game world and associated built by generations of basic games ” including ” games and experiences available in Deus additional ex other media, such as tablets, smartphones, books, graphic novels . ” suspect ideas of pants, etc. with the final piece in PC Gamer towers particular, he wants to hunt down a story through a collection of different formats? Let’s console ourselves knowing that the team behind the excellent Deus Ex: Human Revolution is coming back, and the interesting suggestion that the “separation of cross–humanism” is an important element of the new game


The next game after the battles Bastion Supergiant combination of luxury real-time turn-based, which tells the story of a singer named Red Broadsword is still sensitive. We do not know much more than that yet, but we know that the composer Darren Korb is back on the table, as it rucks Logan Cunningham ‘. That’s about all you need to know for now. It looks beautiful.

Mercenary Kings

There are plenty of games following the steps explosives Contra and Metal Slug, so it’s good news that the King’s Mercenaries medium exists (and will be in full earlier this year). In the present development, the sidescrolling shoot-’em-up adds artisanal manufacturing and collaborative online in the mix. It does not hurt that Scott Pilgrim Tribute Games made ​​a tie-in, and can provide quick action with this game the same kind of fine art pixels.

These are the top 10 most and best popular action PC games 2024. Apart from these action PC games, any other action PC games are best to you then, mention in your valuable comments.