Top 10 most popular games websites

Top 10 most popular games websites

Today on All Top 9 we have compiled the list of the top 10 most popular games websites in 2014. Every website is famous with the different types of games listed in those websites. This post is specially dedicated for the game lovers.  Here, is the list of the top 10 most popular games websites in 2014 as follows.




Miniclip is the most famous website that is listed as top 1 in top 10 most popular games website. This is one of the leading online games website where you can play huge range of free online games. Miniclip deals with different type of categories of games such as action games, sports games, puzzle games, games for girls, mobile games and many other. Just once visit the website of Miniclip and game lovers will have a funblast here.


IGN formally known as Imagine Games Network. Basically IGN is an entertainment games website which mainly focuses on video games, music and many other media. Mainly IGN website is meant for games which gives lots of info based on games with latest trends and working. This is why the IGN is included in top 10 most popular games websites.


Twitch is the very interesting website for games and the features it shows on the website. There we can have a look about the present stats regarding the people who are watching the games, broadcasters people are watching, channels broadcasted from Xbox one, Channels broadcasted from PlayStation 4, and lots more are available in Twitch. This will be a weekstart special to all the game lovers.


Minecraft is art of game about breaking and placing the blocks in order to create wonderful and imaginative things in the game. As the game goes on people get more interaction and interest to play on more. This is why people get more attached to play Minecraft. Just visit the website, play well and share your experiences here.


Gametop is just like a games bazaar where you can play huge range of games with no pay. As its tagline “stop paying for games” meant that this is a free website for playing games online. Gametop deals with different and immense types of games. That list goes on like Action games, Puzzle games, Racing gams, Shooter games, Hidden objects games, Match 3 games and lots more games to have a fun. This website is one of the best and listed in top 10 most popular games websites.


Y8 is an awesome place for playing the games online for free. Y8 includes Mini flash games, Schockwave games, HTML5 games, JAVA games, and lots more. This websites deals with immense of games list where we can play any game online for free.


Gamehouse name itself indicates that it’s a platform for the games and where all the games are placed together. This is a website where game lovers can do festival by playing all the games in one place. I am for sure,you will confuse like which game you have to play first lol. Visit the house of games and enjoy the games as well.


Gamespot is one of the reputed website for the online games. Gamespot gives details regarding all the top games and reviews of each. Gamespot also includes Video games, reviews, news, videos and community for any help. This is the top 8th best popular game website.

Big fish games

Big fish games is a website which stood in top 10 most popular websites. Big fish games gives results for PC games, Mac games, Online games, iPad & iPhone games, Android games and lots more. You can play online and download to your PC, mobile,etc.

My play city

My play city is a city of games where you can find number of games of different types such as action, puzzles, adventures, shooting, and lots more are available to have fun.

Final Words:

The above mentioned list are the top 10 most popular games websites where you can have more fun online and offline by downloading them. If you are experiencing any other website for games, mention them in your valuable comments.


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