The World’s Most Notorious Hackers and Their Infamous Hacks

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Hacking is the most common word we are listening nowadays, it’s been in this virtual world as the computer began to work.

Every programmer is a good hacker!, the way he thinks will differ based on type of hacker and the way of exploiting the sources, generally hacker is the one who exploits a computer and steals the data from it (in short), there are several types of hackers like black-hat hackers, white hat hackers, grey hat hackers etc.

Every hacker is different from one another as the way of approach is different and the use of that hacking thing is also different!

For example, white hat hackers are solely responsible for pirated stuff like movies, videos, songs etc, but they will never steal information like Facebook passwords, website hacking, whereas black hat hackers are responsible for that and they will do this crazy stuff like stealing information, without our notice and making use of it!
Like these, there are several other different types of hackers, but mostly some hackers are said to be the best hackers as the hacked some serious stuff!
Let’s see who are the top 5 most famous hackers in the world:

Top 5 Hackers in the World

These top 5 hackers are mostly black hat hackers and they are very notorious, some did the hacking for fun and some did the hacking just for money!

1. Gary McKinnon

  • Born with a disease Asperger’s syndrome
  • This disease made him be very intelligent with a less understanding capability.
  • Studies say that the people born with this disease have greater knowledge over 1 Subject, for Gary it is computers-hacking.
  • He is been accused of largest hack ever on US govt. computer networks including army, Airforce, navy, NASA and some other military Networks.
  • Made a total damage of around $7 mil.
  • Deleted several files belonging to Weapons description, some important military Files etc

2. Jonathan James

  • 16-year-old American black hat hacker
  • First person to be arrested for a cyber crime
  • At age 15, he hacked NASA’s main website and the dep. Of defense
  • He was reported to have stolen software worth $ 1.7 millions
  • Hacked Defense Threat Reduction Agency site and hacked the passwords of 3000 employees.
  • Attempted suicide on May 18, 2008 at the age Of 25

3. George Hotz

  • He is the first one to unlock an iPhone(jun-2007)
  • Developed many software to jailbreak iphones
  • World’s first hacker ever to hack Sony PlayStation 3.(April 2011)
  • Facebook employed him on jun-2011
  • Left the facebook on jan-2012

4. Adrian Lamo


  • He is a good samaritan and famously called as The Homeless Hacker as he lives in an abandoned home and do the hacking stuff
  • He hacked to several major companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc, but he contacted them and provided bugs (Loopholes in their network)
  • He also helped in rectifying the security holes and got some compensation for that bugs
  • His work on hacking “The New York times” and tried to steal information regarding personal information of several celebrities, politicians etc
  • He is also diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome like George Mckinnon

5. Albert Gonzales

  • He is proved guilty to hack into many computers that are all connected to TJX stores
  • He stole 36 million credit card numbers from the largest TJX and TJ Maxx stores
  • Although 70% of the credit card numbers are expired but it still have 170 million dollars worth money in them
  • He worked as secret informant for some secret services and helped to find the credit card thieves
  • He was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment as he didn’t change his behaviour of hacking credit card numbers
  • 20 years of imprisonment is the longest one ever done to a hacker in the US
Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is a hacker and coded the program lines for Facebook himself, so every good programmer is actually a good hacker as he knows the loopholes in the coding as he is expert in it!
These are the top 5 hackers in the world that are proven to be the best hackers for all time.
If you know any other top hacker, let us know. We will update our article with the list you have provided us.
Who is your favourite hacker?