Top 5 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online with Blogger Account

Top 5 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online with Blogger Account

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FaThere are numerous ways to earn money online over the internet and that, too, with blogs/websites.
We have gathered the top 5 ways to earn money online with a blogger account.
This article is basically meant for the users who are trying hard to make some pocket money with online sites.
Well, you might have tried many sites claiming to earn 1000$ just typing data, or some other sites claiming deposit some amount and we will multiply it and will give you a good percentage. I hope you might have got many emails claiming an easy way to earn money online, and some cheap music download sites also provide some ads which you might get attracted and tried!
They are just a waste of your time and making money for them!
You get none, and see that no site/company won’t give you free money!
You might put some smart effort to get some intel on making money. Right now, we are more focused on blogs and websites as they are pretty easy to understand and professional too!
And everyone can do it easily.
Let’s get started with our top 5 ways to make money online with just a single blogger account:

The best 5 methods are explained as follows:

1. Adsense account:


Well, it’s pretty easy if you understand what actually blogging is!

Just the way of expressing your views about something.

It can be your own ideas or rewrite other’s articles or write about yourself (like a diary) but, the thing is, what you write is important and the way you present the article is important. It must be creative (although if it’s a re-written article you must have the ability to present it in a new way)

Basically, blogging needs creativity.

Everyone has their own ideas in presenting them. First, try to register on if you don’t have one. Start a Blogspot (with your desired name based on your idea) and post a few articles and make sure you abide by the terms and conditions of Google Adsense (by not posting any copyright content stuff, illegal stuff, pirated download stuff, etc) and get your Adsense approved and publish the ads in your blog and earn money!

Is that simple? Yes! it is.

Strategy and requirements:

  • Blogger account
  • A creative idea for starting up a blog and need to be good at selecting appropriate topics
  • The way of explaining things must be good and has to attract the visitor’s attention
  • Patience in getting approving for AdSense (make sure you follow the rules)
  • 1 Adsense account+ many blogs (with different ideas)=Money ($)
  • Google AdSense alternatives

2. Niche Blogging:


If you understood what exactly blogging, it is pretty easy to understand Niche blogging, in usual blogging you can concentrate on many topics (based on your idea of starting up the blog) whereas in Niche blogging you tend to be concentrate on one particular topic (basically some group of keywords, phrases which are high ranking with CPC(cost per click in Adsense)) generally niche=keyword, and selecting the keywords are really very important here

Strategy and Requirements:

  • A blogger account (which is free and pretty easy to make)
  • Some high CPC keywords which you can get using AdWords (make sure you get the intel regarding AdWords or try some keyword researchers and try to get a list of keywords)
  • Good theme layout for the niche blog based on the keyword (topics) you are going to make and make sure you write the content on your own, by mainlining good keyword density
  • Already approved AdSense or apply for a new AdSense account if you don’t have one (before applying to make sure you have the good traffic and no copyrighted content)
  • As you already made a list of keywords that you searched earlier, try to make more niche blogs as possible, so several niche blogs+1 Adsense account =Money ($)



Well, you are pretty new to this blogging and doesn’t know how to write the content and making an Adsense friendly blog, and you are pretty much tired of getting AdSense approval, well here is the new way to earn money, it’s PPD+popads, i.e., pay per download + Popup ads, for this, you just need to have a minimum knowledge of promoting things. For good PPD sites, try FIle-ice, Sharecash, org, etc and popup ads, use motion, pads, net, etc

Strategy and Requirements:

  • Again a blogger account (just make a new blog, and it doesn’t need to be good handwritten content especially for AdSense, just casual content with basic keywords are enough as we are not concentrating on AdSense)
  • Need to be good at promoting your content, suppose you are planning to promote a crack version or any serial key of the software, you must create a convincing post that the serial key is actually working, so users tend to download from the PPD sites, well how you get money from PPD sites? it’s pretty simple, it provides surveys to the users who are trying to download the files, if they finished and download your file, you will get the money.
  • Make sure that you are not providing fully copyrighted material and non-working cracks or serials, as this may lead to the banning of your PPD account (as a user can report fake files), so just make some ideas in choosing them
  • Trying the popup ads, well everyone knows these popup ads and it’s not new, as you are trying the PPD (pay per download site) it’s better you use the popup ads, as they basically provide ads on downloading stuff, so users will get attentive towards those ads giving you a chance to earn more
  • Just make up a few more ideas on which software, which song, which video that people are mostly searching, basically, cracks, patches, serial keys are chosen! you can apply the same with youtube and point the traffic to your blog and get things done easily
  • Combining this PPD idea with a youtube account, youtube videos+linking to blog=traffic, which in turn traffic+PPD link +(popup ads)+survey completed=Money (S)
  • Revealed secrets to getting more traffic to our website/blog

4. Affiliate Marketing:

Check out the Best Affiliate Marketing program for all small and medium scale businesses. This is the easiest way if you used the strategy perfectly, it’s just indirect sales marketing, you just need to be good at selling their products and get some money for every sale (in simple), the top affiliate marketing sites are Amazon affiliate, Clickbank, eBay, Flipkart, etc

Strategy and requirements:

  • Make a perfect blog on blogger or any private hosted WordPress site and make sure you selected a good affiliate marketing site as mentioned above (well basically all affiliate marketing sites are e-commerce sites which usually have consumer products which you need to promote)
  • Select the top-selling products,(just Google it in finding the top-selling products in that e-commerce site) or Just use the idea of posting a good discount priced product (as people usually search for products with good discounts and cheap rate) Make sure you have installed Kanjoose chrome plugin -read about the Kanjoose here if you missed it
  • Promotion is pretty important, you can try e-mail marketing on selecting the target people or just stick to the blog and write why one should buy the product from that site and what’s so important about the product (get maximum information regarding the product, you can find the info in description)
  • Just google and download some best seller’s pdf’ files and read how they sell them, I’m pretty much sure once you get into affiliate marketing, you will definitely get interested in reading about the good affiliate marketers who earned the most, so have a look at them how actually they sell so many products in less time and getting good revenue from it
  • The best way to make use of it is trying to set up a clone of an e-commerce store with cloaked affiliate links, the best way to do it is using a privately hosted WordPress site, as you can find many plugins to use it, you just need to select for good products to promote and post it
  • Here also you can apply Niche blogging, like making a blog especially for one product company and trying to promote all the products with your affiliate links, so blogs+affiliate links=Money ($)

5. Freelancing and writing E-books:

Freelancing in the sense writing up articles to some freelancing sites or selling your articles, as mentioned above article writing is very important for the first 2 ideas and everyone who wants to earn money professionally will follow up the first 2 ideas and if they had made many niche blogs, they are in pretty much hard situation in writing up the articles themselves, so they appoint ghostwriters or try to look at sites like freelancing sites/Fiverr or some other sites where they can quote the article requirements and get the articles and pay directly to the user or through that site. E-books are another source of earning money (this one is based on the 4th idea i.e., Affiliate marketing) it just the way of writing an E-book basically like tutorials or private ideas or some private recipes or any private things which you know better than anyone!

Strategy & Requirements:

  • Blogger is optional if you are going with E-book you could need the blog to promote/sell your E-book
  • If you chose to be a freelancer, you can stick to join in some good Freelancing sites, still, you can try to make a blog (in order to express about yourself, how can one contact with you, what are your services, etc)
  • Make sure you are good at English (as most likely it’s a mandatory language and everyone seems to be in need of articles in English)
  • You can give a try on re-writing articles but you should be good at changing the total phrase without changing the meaning of the sentence
  • For an eBook, you should definitely be good at explaining your private ideas in a good manner, if possible with images, and should be selling at the optimum price.

These are just a few basic ideas that struck up at this time (well it’s about hit 12 in the morning), you should definitely give a try on Niche blogging as it is the easiest and definitely win situation of earning money, remaining ideas are also good at their own ways if you have any more ideas that you want me to add it up or any doubts please comment here.