Top 9 online learning websites

Top 9 online learning websites


9. Coursera

Coursera is one of the most reputed online learning sites in the world. The best part is that Coursera offers various universities video courses to the students for free. Although there are paid courses, many of them are free. One can find a wider range of categories like arts, science, technology, education, physics, chemistry, mathematics, computing, etc. Students can easily download the certificate after completion of course.

8. Khan Academy

Khan Academy started in 2006 and considered as the most successful online education project ever created. Students can access more than 300 videos on subjects for free. Its mission is to deliver free and high-quality education to everyone in the world. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization and backed up by corporations like Google and Microsoft.

7. HowStuffWorks

The inception of HowStuffWorks happened long back in 1998 by Marshall Brain. Now, HowStuffWorks is a part of Discovery Communications and awarded several times as best among top 100 websites in the world. HowStuffWorks covers almost everything from automobiles to search engines. Users can share the articles for the non-commercial and non-profitable purpose provided they cite the exact source.

6. started its journey in 1999 and successfully running to date with more than 1 million articles and 170,000 videos. People frequently come to this site for How-To guides. Freelancers get paid to write and update articles on a regular basis. Despite controversies, eHow stood strong and running well with huge resources.

5. is a huge information website with tons of articles related to various topics. was acquired by “The New York Times’ in 2005 and again sold to IAC in 2012 for $300 million. It clearly shows how worthful the site is. More than 90 million users search for knowledgeable content monthly. provide writing opportunities to freelancers to update articles frequently. The topics could be anything from health to career.

4. Academic Earth

Academic Earth started in 2008 is a non-profit project to bring all the world-class universities courses under one roof. Students can access more than 1500 video resources for free. Academic Earth awarded several times for its service.

3. is training people in web development since 1998. This site focuses more on Internet technologies. According to their statistics, the site attracts nearly 28 million visits every month which is really huge. The site runs with advertising and donations. Users can gain basic knowledge learning their tutorials and practising.

2. Codeacademy

Codeacademy started in 2011 and more than 6 million users successfully completed the software course exercise to date. The people who are passionate about PHP, Python, THML, Ruby, Javascript, jQuery and CSS can straightaway try exercises and hangouts on their forum.

1. site is a non-profitable online learning site backed up by MIT and Harvard. Anyone who has PC and Internet connection can access tutorials for free. The courses are free but there is a nominal fee to get a verified certificate.
Let me know if any other websites which help in online learning.


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