Top 9 Time Management Tips for College Students

Top 9 Time Management Tips for College Students

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As a student, you know that many tasks make your life more complicated. However, it happens sometimes that you don’t manage important things even if there is not much to do. Have you ever heard about procrastination? And what about time-killers? If you learn how to identify these main enemies of every student and how to fight them, you will manage everything. 

We agree that sometimes, there are just too many tasks. In such cases, you can pay for an essay to be written for cheap, by a team of experts from a paper writing service such as WriteMyPaperHub. This company will find you someone who will complete your essay online. But if this is not the case, top time management tips will help you to be efficient.

Time Management Tips: Use Them and Manage Your Time Properly

It is important to organize your time even if it might be complicated. With time, you will get used to the new routine. Here we go then, with your tips.

  1. Write a schedule. You already know how much time your trip to college and back home takes. You know when lessons start and when they are over. Plan your activities step-by-step. It might be difficult to keep on the schedule when you are just starting. But later, you will notice that you can handle your routine more efficiently. 
  2. Are you working on a homework assignment? Close all the social networks and messengers. Those are real time killers. You read one post after another, you chat with friends while hours pass by unnoticeably. The same applies to messengers. Every message read or written takes your valuable time. The only websites allowed are those that can help you with your assignment. And the only exception are messengers if you are working with somebody on a project and need a way to communicate fast and efficiently.
  3. Turn off your phone. You don’t want somebody to call and distract you while your inspiration is dictating you the next passage of your essay. Moreover, the call might be irrelevant at all or bothering.
  4. Television is a distractor. It will take your attention and thus, your assignments will take much more time than you have planned. Even if you are not watching it, a sudden sound might distract you. You might lose the inspiration, and the assignment will take much more time than you have planned. Turn off the TV set.
  5. Do not try to work on several things at a time. You are not a machine, thus, multitasking is better for the situations not connected with your college assignments. It is difficult to switch from a math task to, say, an essay. It is also not recommended to eat or drink while working. Moreover, forget about snacks. In a while, you will notice that you are just chewing instead of writing or learning. The same applies for a cup of tea or coffee. Liquids are even dangerous because you can split them on your exercise book or computer.
  6. Make breaks. Yep, you understand everything correctly. The reason is very simple: you are not a machine and you need rest. Otherwise, you will get exhausted, and no efforts will help you to complete your assignment on time. For every 30 minutes of intense work, a break of 10-15 minutes is recommended. Stretch, do some exercises, drink a cup of tea, and return to work. This tip doesn`t apply to the situations when you need to write something and are all engaged in the process.
  7. Do not delay your homework. When you come from college, make a short break, and start with your assignments. You still remember the materials that you have learned during your lessons. Moreover, you never know for sure how long one or another task might take. Working until late at night is always more complicated. 
  8. Start with more complicated tasks. You will be more motivated to complete them asap and to move on with simpler assignments. If you have a very complex task, it is better to complete it before you get tired.
  9. Start from the tasks that you don’t like. You will hurry up to complete them and to move to the assignments where you feel more confident. If you start with the tasks you enjoy doing, you will be delaying them and thus, your homework will take more time.

Arrange Your Space

Following even the best time-management tips is not enough if you don’t feel comfortable. Arrange the place where you study in a way to feel convenient. There shall be nobody running and shouting around. It is better if you can study in your room or at least if you have a special corner dedicated to studying.

Background noise is still a matter for discussion. Some people love music playing in the background. Others require complete silence. Here, you decide. 

Don’t start working on your assignments if you feel hungry. You will get distracted by this unpleasant feeling. Eat, have a short rest. Only then, you can start with your assignments. 

Final Thoughts

While all time management tips increase your efficiency level, we understand that it is not always possible to arrange your space and time properly. For example, if you live in a shared room, your time depends on another person, too. However, if you know how you can arrange your time, you still can boost your efficiency level and save more time for your hobbies and friends.