5 Top Solitaire Games that Can Give You a Break from a Busy Workday and Boost Productivity

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Being productive and maximizing profits is usually the ultimate goal of most businesses. But if you only focus on this goal and work continuously for hours without a break, then your mental health and long-term productivity will stumble.

This is why along with the lunch break, you should take a break every one or two hours from work. During this period you can read something funny or even better play a game. Games like Solitaire and Wordle are not just fun, but they also give your brain a thorough workout.

So, we made a list of the best solitaire games. They are easy to understand and master.

Solitaire Bliss


As the name suggests, you can play Solitaire on Solitaire Bliss. But along with Solitaire, there are so many other games on this website. They include card games like Spider Solitaire, Hearts, Whist, and Spades.

There are also other games such as FreeCell, Yukon, and Forty Thieves. You can play all of them for free with or without signing up for an account. But it might be better to sign up, as you can keep track of your score and take advantage of other features. There are also apps for iOS and Android which provide a better experience when playing on a mobile device.

The interface on both the website and apps is easy to navigate. Also, there are instructions for all the games on the website. You will love this site whether you’re just getting started or have a lot of experience with these games.


Pogo is a very popular website, where you can play Solitaire and other types of games such as board games, Mahjong, puzzles, and word games.

You can play the games for free, but when you do this you are forced to see a lot of in-your-face ads which can be annoying. You will need to upgrade to the paid version to get rid of these ads. Other than that it is a great platform as you have a wide variety of games and there are also challenges and communities which make the games extra fun.



Poki has a huge collection of Solitaire games like Solitaire Klondike, Refuge Solitaire, and Reverse Klondike. You can also play them for free without signing up. But the site is better known for a lot of other games like Subway Surfers, Uno, and Penalty Shooters. The games range from action games, adventure games, soccer games, and so many other things. It’s actually pretty overwhelming to pick a game to play when you visit this website.

There’s also a special section called Poki Kids where you can find kids’ games like Chu Choo Cake, My Pet Clinic, and Cosmic Bee.

Another great option on this site is that you can view it in different languages like Italian, Dutch, German, French, and so many more.



Solitaired is known for its Spider Solitaire game, where you can play with numerous card themes and compete against others in a game of the day. There are also some other games like Klondike, Freecell, Mahjong, Hearts, and Yahtzee.

You can simply play the games as you would normally do or take advantage of extra features such as tracking time and adjusting difficulty levels. If you have no idea how to play the game, you can read the clear instructions which you will find right on the homepage.

If you want to keep track of your scores you can sign up for an account for free. When you have an account you will be able to see the trophies you won and your position on the leaderboard. Solitaired also has an app for Android users.


crazy games

Like Poki, CrazyGames is another website where you can find a wide range of games. But here they are better organized. For example, you can quickly find Solitaire by visiting the card games section or by looking for it using the search bar at the top. The other games are organized under categories like Action, Adventure, Arcade, Driving, Clicker, Beauty, and Sports.

This site too has a separate kid-friendly section.

You can play the games directly on the website or install the app. Like Poki, this website too has a wide variety of languages. If you are looking for something more than just playing SOlitaire, you can’t go wrong with either Poki or CrazyGames.

Now Play Some Solitaire Games and Boost Productivity

Playing games can seem like a weird way to boost productivity. But it does work by giving you a break and refreshing your mind. Also when you play games like Solitaire, you get the added benefit of giving your mind a workout as this is a game that requires you to be strategic and calculating.

So, the next time you feel fatigued at work, just visit one of the above websites and play a game. You will see the benefits immediately and over the long term.



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