List of Top Tech Degrees for Students in 2022

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The world has evolved to the point that artificial intelligence controls many of our daily activities. Technology now plays a significant role in our lives and comes with benefits. Frankly, this is one of the most perspective working spheres for today, so if you are overloaded with your college assignments, you can just buy IB extended essay and go ahead exploring technology.

Many of these benefits are evident in the educational sector, where students can get an essay writer from the internet to help them with their assignments.

Technology also plays a role in the health and wellness sector, where doctors use pacemakers to give people with potentially terminal heart diseases a second chance at life.

When we look at the various career opportunities in tech, it is not surprising that many students want to study technology programs in universities.

However, there are so many programs that it may be challenging to choose one. Therefore, we will simplify your decision-making process by discussing the top degree programs tech students can apply for in 2022.

1. Information Technology

One of the most common tech degrees anybody can get is a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. However, you shouldn’t look down on the program just because many people are studying it.

After all, graduating with a good result in IT can open the door to many opportunities for you. With an Information Technology degree, you can work in the following fields:

DevOps Engineering

A DevOps engineer’s role is to organize the process of software development. These professionals introduce new strategies, tools, and methodologies to ensure that the process of creating and deploying a new software goes smoothly.

Your earnings as a DevOps Engineer can be also mouth-watering, as you can take $95,000 to $145,000 home annually in this position.

Datacenter Engineering

Datacenter engineers monitor, design, and manage IT systems at a data center. They set up the systems needed to connect servers and other hardware while earning between $70,000 and $135,000 yearly for their skills.

You may not know much about this career path right now, but by the year 2022 more companies will adopt technological processes to a full extent, putting these professionals in high demand.

2. Data Science

Some of the best colleges offer programs in data science that prepare students for one of the most in-demand professions – AI Engineering.

And since many people are looking for ways to get things done efficiently and faster in their daily lives, knowing how to manage AI processes is an excellent way to position yourself for well-paying jobs in the technology industry.

Under this program, you can become a data scientist or a data analyst.

Data Scientist

Data scientists analyze large chunks of raw data in organizations to help companies develop new processes and strategies. The average salary of a data scientist is $139,840 annually.

So if you are looking for tech careers that pay well, consider working as a data scientist.

Data Analyst

A data analyst manipulates large chunks of data to suit a company’s analysis needs. These professionals also facilitate companies’ major decisions by presenting their findings in formats that their directors can understand.

For their significant roles in business growth, data analysts earn between $60,000 and $65,000 annually.

The convenient part of getting a data science degree is that you don’t have to study in a standard university for it. There are IT-focused colleges you can get a data science degree from, which may help you reduce expenses. You may also consider a data science certificate program to learn the fundamentals and begin preparing for a future in data science.

3. Software Programming

People in the 21st century will always need mobile and desktop applications because of their convenience and functionality.

From preschool children who need educational applications to learn to business owners who need business intelligence software to teach their clients how to use their services, we can’t overemphasize the importance of software.

So with a degree in software programming, you can put yourself at the top of the tech chain. Companies will pay you as much as you are worth because you will create necessary programs that solve personal and business needs. Software programming is just one of the many computer science career paths that will always be lucrative and in high demand.

4. Network and Information Security (Cyber Security)

A highly secure network is necessary for companies that manage a lot of customer information and sensitive data. If there is ever a data breach in a company that promotes data security, it can put them in trouble and cost them a lot of money.

That’s when security engineers come in: during the past two years, the demand for security engineers by companies has increased by 132%.

On the other hand, a shortage of skilled cybersecurity experts puts them in high demand, so this career path is an excellent choice for students looking to stand out.

The average salary of a cybersecurity expert is $99,834 yearly. Additionally, since the field isn’t saturated yet, chances of getting a good-paying job are high, and fortunately, you can get a cybersecurity degree even from online courses like EdX.

5.  Cloud Computing

Cloud computing experts are in high demand too because companies are switching from the typical classic server infrastructure to cloud solutions. Apart from this switch, some companies are creating products directly in the cloud.

This development means that there will be a need for cloud architects in the coming year and beyond. And since you are looking for a top tech degree to go for, you could try cloud computing if this sphere interests you.

The average salary is around $110,000 to $120,000, which should whet your appetite.


Technology is a part of our daily processes, so it is no surprise that tech experts are always in high demand. As a student looking for a clear path to good jobs after graduating, getting a tech degree will be a smart move.

Besides, the opportunities in the tech industry are endless because even if you don’t work under an organization, you can always become a freelancer.

Depending on your funding source, you can get your technology degree from an IT-focused college or a university. Alternatively, you can get the degree online.

But we advise you to stay focused when studying for any of the degrees recommended in this article because they are demanding.


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