How Can I Track My Location While Traveling?

tracking location
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Real-time location tracking is essential to multiple modern solutions. Sharing your location is a convenient way of ensuring your loved ones know your exact location and when you’re bound to reach your destination. Below is a list of road trip apps you can download for your next adventure.

Google Maps

Every road tripper requires a reliable navigation app. Most travelers use Google Maps as their navigation app. The dominance of this navigation app is due to its attention to detail and data comprehensiveness, which allows it to generate the best directions based on road conditions, distance, and traffic patterns.

Google Maps on provide users with accurate estimates regarding the duration it will take to get from one location to the next. Google Maps is usually available and accessible on Android and iOS.


You can notify your friends regarding your whereabouts using any smartphone. All you need to do is update your status with where you plan to go to enable your family members to track your overall progress.

The approach is crucial as everyone’s location is usually shared from their phones on the news feeds in real-time. The feature proves essential for those attending significant events, including music festivals, as it enables all attendees at the exact locations to locate each other for a meet-up.


Waze is a dedicated geolocation-tracking app that allows you to share real-time locations on the map to enable your friends to establish your exact location. You also get alerts regarding road hazards, police sightings, and accidents along the way to allow you to know the areas to avoid throughout the day.

The Waze tracking app comes in handy for those traveling new routes and enables users to save adequate time while on a road trip. No one wants to spend additional time in traffic, so the Waze app collects data from multiple drivers to streamline the overall driver experience. The app is usually accessible on Android and iOS.

Speed Trap Finder

Trapster collects data from numerous users to warn drivers of impending red-light cameras, checkpoints, and speed traps to alert them of what’s coming. The tracking app provides drivers with accurate reports confirmed by numerous users, allowing them to set the reliability level they wish to respond to. The tracking app runs on multiple phones, including those using Android.


Roadtrippers is a popular and practical road trip app among most drivers. Most drivers usually plan their journey on the app, including up to seven free waypoints or up to 150 waypoints with the help of a Roadtrippers Plus account. Drivers can collaborate with family or friends to discover reliable shops along their route. The app features outdoorsy destinations, sights, lodging, activities, restaurants, fuel, and shopping.

Top Benefits of a Tracking System

There are numerous reasons for purchasing a tracking system for your fleet of cars. Most people want to improve efficiency, their business performance, and save money. Below is a list of the top benefits of installing a tracking system in your fleet of cars.

Security Benefits

Plants and vehicles are valuable assets in a business regarding cost and are targets for unscrupulous thieves. Most vehicles are often insured against theft nowadays, and a tracking system allows stolen cars to get tracked around the country quickly.

A tracking system is an integral tool for ensuring the safety of your business staff. A tracking tool can locate workers potentially in danger to ensure the saving of their lives, which helps protect a business from costly legal actions.

Environmental Benefits

The surroundings are a hot topic worldwide. Most companies nowadays bow to public pressure to minimize their overall damage to the earth each day. Most businesses utilize a tracking device to ensure they’re always sending their drivers in the required direction, and also, they’re requesting the closest one to attend. The strategy reduces the overall amount of harmful fumes that our vehicles release into the atmosphere. Cleaner air benefits our environment, and lowering fuel costs helps you.

Minimal Fuel and Wage Costs

Fuel and wages are undoubtedly the primary expenditures a business with multiple vehicles incur. Due to the ever-increasing fuel prices, most business owners must keep these costs as low as possible.

A tracking device enables business owners to monitor activities contributing to a higher fuel bill, including leaving the engine idle, speeding, and taking longer routes. A tracking system helps protect a business against dishonest claims by workers, including the overall amount they spend driving and the miles they claim for.

Enhance Customer Service

Most businesses rely on speedy responses to keep their clients happy with the services they receive. Client service in the ever-competitive business world is an aspect that allows businesses to stand out.

A tracking device allows all cars to be stationed and monitored in the correct places to facilitate response to customer requests. A tracking system allows businesses to tell their clients how long staff members will be and whether there will be delays regarding their response due to traffic and multiple external circumstances.

Increased Productivity

Most business owners increase their productivity upon installing a tracking device in their vehicles. The drivers know what is expected of them throughout the day, allowing them to utilize their time properly. A tracking system also minimizes the overall time drivers must spend on their phones, allowing them to get to numerous locations more quickly.

Location-sharing apps enable you to share your real-time location with anyone in a few steps. Advanced location-sharing features, including crime reports, place alerts, and location history, allow you to identify where your family members are in real-time.