How To Train For Your Next Casino Visit

How To Train For Your Next Casino Visit


A visit to the casino can be the perfect night out, with games, drinks, and excitement. It’s the type of fun that doesn’t really depend on whether you win or lose. But in order to truly make the most out of this thrilling event, and since winning is always better, here are a few easy tips that will make your next casino visit a success in every possible way. Enjoy!


Practice your poker face

Even if you know the rules for each slot machine and poker type, it makes all the sense in the world that you put in some effort in practising the unspoken rules of the game. Learn all about the psychology of casino games, the superstitions surrounding it (did you know that crossing your legs might bring you bad luck?), the common nonverbal gestures, and your most impressive poker face.

Set your goals

Our best advice is to focus on having fun on your casino night, and nothing more. As long as that’s your main goal, you’ll be fine, since casino floors are designed to maximize your enjoyment. But it also helps to think a little bit about your goals for the night and decide how much you wish to spend on drinks and games, and how much you would like to win! Sure, the answer to the second question is always “as much as possible”, but as you actually think about it, you’ll realize that your goals are far more realistic than you may have initially thought. Going in with a plan will help you reach your goals and stay in control.

Play hard


They say that practice makes perfect, but it also makes for a perfect casino night. When it comes to practising for your favourite casino slots, technology is your new best friend! Amazing free casino games you can play directly from your mobile phone will not only allow you to practice for your next visit, but they just might convince you that mobile social gaming apps are even better than a physical visit to the casino floor! By downloading apps such as 88 Fortunes, you’ll find all of your favourite casino slot machine brands to play until you master each.

Did we cover it all? Probably not. Casinos have their own unique culture and dress code, and most of all – luck. Even with all of the above advice, some things you just can’t train for, but perhaps the surprise and chance of it all is exactly what makes casino visits so thrilling and fun. We wish you the best of fun and the best of luck!


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