How to Transfer Photos From PC to iPhone

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If you are like most people, you have a lot of photos on your PC. You might go on a long stretch looking to know how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes.

How to Transfer Photos From PC to iPhone

If you want to have your photos on your smartphone, there are several ways to transfer files from PC to iPhone. But you are likely to experience a few demanding challenges with many of the transfer alternatives. For example, some software crashes while others run slowly, thus interfering with the first-rate quality of the entire process.

How Ideal Is iTunes for Transfer?

iTunes transfer


The recognition of iTunes comes to mind with iPhone and PC in the same sentence. Primarily, it is an Apple solution that facilitates clean and easy transfers. It goes without saying that as one of the many Apple products, iTunes is making a lesser statement in the tech space, now that its depreciating worth is under the radar.

Thinking about it – does it still have its flavored magic to probe users to utilize its features? While at it, you can check out how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes.

Transfer Files From PC to iPhone

Wondering how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes? Perhaps you are even confused about where to begin when it comes to moving data from PC to your iPhone. Here is a list of several alternatives to choose from.


You might find your peace in the iCloud to transfer files from PC to iPhone. The process is straightforward by selecting the target photos to sync them on Like other packages, anticipate a few drawbacks, including limited 5 GB space on the iCloud Photo Library. Larger files might call for a denser choice that fulfills your needs best with the least compromise.

Google Photos App

You do not have to battle with limited storage space anymore on your iPhone. Here, deleting videos and photos to create more space is not the only option because Google Photos allows users to move files from PC to iPhone with ease.

Good for you if you don’t want to use iTunes- all you need is to create your account on the app and know how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes. If you have a Google Photos account already on your laptop, you’ll require a new album for syncing your files automatically.

The app is flexible enough to give you the best continuity when you shift from one device to another.


Dropbox also makes the list of the many drives that facilitate files and photos transfer. One good factor about it is the free trial packages that always capture the eyes of fast-time users. Space on the cloud is significant adequate to move large videos, music files, and documents on top of photos. Subsequently, you will need a good transfer network to get the most out of DropBox.

AnyTrans App

Another comprehensive switch app is AnyTrans to manage computer and iPhone content. It particularly aims for individuals who have numerous content materials and desire to manage them without strain.

You can transfer files and photos across with a USB cable connected to your iPhone device. Next, drag your target files from your computer and drop them on your iPhone.

You can then view them from your smartphone’s gallery app. The tool is also convenient for exporting documents from your iPhone to your PC.

Dr.Fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

Dr. fone


Dr.Fone – Phone Manager (iOS) prides itself in providing an all-in-one package deal of features that give you convenient access to your devices. It stands over the threshold of different software to give users one of the best experiences. Read along to explore the pipelines of the incredible tool and establish more about its brilliant capabilities.

Dr.Fone – Phone Manager tool is designed to transfer music, photos, documents, contacts, and videos across different devices. Apart from offering you the best solution regarding how to transfer files from PC to iPhone (vice versa), Dr.Fone additionally boasts of its capacity to:

  • Recover lost files

You don’t have to worry or sense the cringe of deleting critical files on your device by mistake. Dr.Fone Phone Manager insanely restores information without delay from computers, hard drives, memory cards, and smartphones. It is also particularly rated as the solution with extremely good compatibility capacity.

  • Repair damaged files

Dr.Fone improves the quality of files during transfer. Even better, how good does it sound knowing that there is an ideal software to correct issues on your iOS, Android, and desktop device? Simply put, say goodbye to system lags and bugs.

  • Unlock your device should you forget your password

It is a common habit to forget device PINS or passwords once in a while. As such, people have done better with software that enables them to unlock and access their devices without replacing them or factory reset.

One how to transfer music from iPhone to computer tip is to backup all your data to avoid any risks.

As an iPhone user, initiating the Unlock command using Dr.Fone would most likely update your device to the latest iOS version. It may be good or bad for you, depending on your point of view.


iTunes aside, the above is a glimpse of one of the most straightforward ways of transferring photos and files from PC to iPhone. In this case, you might as practically consider Dr.Fone’s functional features that are easy to explore. You will be able to transfer quickly and safely as well as manage your files with ease.

If you love Dr.Fone, how about using it frequently to satisfy your demands like other users who enjoy it worldwide? You can begin with the free version before taking the big step, whether you are using your smartphone or PC. Indeed, the tool’s diversification can only get better to resolve your difficulties during file transfer.


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