6 Useful tools to Repair Your Smartphone at Home

6 Useful tools to Repair Your Smartphone at Home

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Whether it is a broken screen and to replace the battery, if you are a handyman you probably prefer to repair your smartphone at home and save yourself some money. These 6 tools are essential if you are going to set up a small personal workshop at your home.

When the screen of the smartphone breaks or we begin to notice that the battery goes down too fast, it is easier to take it to a store to be fixed. However, depending on how careless you are or how much you use your mobile this may end up being very expensive.


If you are a handyman, repairing your smartphone at home can be a great saving. In addition, there are many kits to repair small devices that you can find on Amazon at a good price. However, they do not always bring all the necessary tools to set up a small smartphone repair shop in your home.

Useful tools to Repair Your Smartphone at Home

In addition to the utensils that bring this type of packs, you will also be happy to get these tools to make the process even easier and more efficient.

Pliers with suction cup


If you are going to lift the screen of your smartphone pliers with suction cups will make your work much easier. Place the mobile between the two suckers and use the pliers to unfold it. You can buy them at Amazon.



If the screen still resists with the suction cups you can use a spike for the most sticky areas. In addition, you can use them to keep part of the screen up, for example, to look at things at the top without lifting the entire screen. You can also find them on Amazon.

Old credit card


Credit cards have a similar function to the tines but for larger surfaces. In addition, it is the ideal tool to remove the battery from your smartphone without damaging it by sliding it underneath and extracting it with care.

Hair dryer


Of course, for many tools you have, it will be difficult to separate the device without heating it before. A dryer is sufficient for the adhesive to soften.

Magnetic board


To avoid losing the tiny parts of your smartphone, work on a magnetic whiteboard. You can buy one at Amazon.

Magnifying glass


No matter how good you look, it will help to use a magnifying glass to inspect all the parts. Remember to work in a bright area, preferably under a table lamp.

These are the 6 best and useful tools to repair and clean our smartphone at home. With these tools, we can set up a small workshop at our home. If you have any queries let us know in the below comment box and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.

Do you have any experience in such workshops? Share your experiences and tips with our readers in the comment box below.