Viber For PC – Windows, Linux And Mac – Download, Install And Configure

Viber For PC – Windows, Linux And Mac – Download, Install And Configure

Viber is another messaging application for Android phones that also has a version for computers, which means you can send and receive text messages from your PC, even make free calls to other users of the application. As we did before with the application of Telegram, then we will show how to download, install and configure PC Viber for both Windows and Linux and Mac.

Download, install and configure Viber for PC

Before using Viber on your PC the important you have to know that the HD voice calls that are reserved only for Windows and Mac users, the features and functions of the application are basically the same for all platforms.Besides, it is also mandatory requirement to install Viber on your phone, otherwise, you can not activate Viber for PC. Once you have Viber installed on your computer, we can:

  • Send messages and make free calls to other Viber users
  • Make voice calls in HD quality (only Windows and Mac)
  • Send text messages, share pictures, use stickers
  • Synchronise contacts, messages, call history with your mobile
  • You can transfer current calls between PC and mobile

Viber for Windows

To install Viber for Windows must first access to the official website and then click ” Get Viber “. This version is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Once the application is installed, we are asked if we already have Viber on our mobile phone and then confirm we select our country, write your area code and our phone number.
An SMS text message will be sent to that number with an activation code that we introduce in the corresponding section. Once done we just have to click ” Enter Viber “to go directly to the application where we have all our contacts, both those who already use Viber as they still do not.

Viber for Windows 8

You can install Viber for Windows 8 from this Viber for Windows Link or simply from the home screen of Windows 8, access the Windows Store and do the installation directly from there. Whatever your choice, once the application is installed welcomes you to the service and also are asked whether you already have on your phone Viber.
Then you should write your phone number with your country code and your zip code. On the next screen, you must enter the activation code that sent you to the mobile and then clicks the button ” Finish “. With that, you walked directly to the application screen where contacts already using Viber displays only.

Viber for Linux 64 Bit

Currently, there is only one version of Viber for Linux 64bit Debian or RPM, which can also be downloaded from this Viber for Linux 64 Bit link. Once you download the installation file, either ” viber.deb “or” Viber.rpm “, simply that you double-click to start the installation and then set the application specifying your country code, area code and your phone number.

Viber for Linux 32 Bit

If you want to use Viber for Linux 32 bit, then you have the option to do it by file ViberSetup.exe Windows and through Wine, a program that lets you run Windows applications on Linux without much trouble. To install Wine should just open a terminal and install it.

When you have finished installing Wine just have to right click on the ViberSetup.exe file, then select ” Open With” and then click on the” Wine Windows Program Loader “. What follows next is the installation and configuration of the application with all the data from your country code, area code and phone number, as is done on other platforms.

Viber for Mac

To install Viber on Mac also you require to access this Viber for Mac link and then click ” Get Viber “. Once you download the file “Viber.dmg “You have to double-click on it to start its installation on your computer; drag the icon at the end of Viber to “folder Applications “and once inside Viber double click to start the configuration.
As with Windows, Linux and Mac, Viber also asks if you already have installed the application on your phone and then you just have to specify your country code, your area code and your phone number. To conclude only enter the activation code you sent to your phone and click ” Enter Viber “.

Final Thoughts

Both Viber for PC, as the version for mobile devices, allow us to make calls to mobiles and landlines, regardless of use or contact the application on your phone. This feature is known as Viber Out and also costs depends on our country and that is covered by purchasing credits on the official website through PayPal or by credit card.
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