Do you want to buy a cheap mobile phone? Then Amazon Prime Day is Perfect for that

Do you want to buy a cheap mobile phone? Then Amazon Prime Day is Perfect for that

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For the third consecutive summer, members of Amazon Prime will have a special day to access the best offers of the online store, with permission from Black Friday. From the company, we were just intimated that next July 10, a few days before in past editions, will be held the Amazon Prime Day of 2017. In this article, we are going to reveal all the important details below. 


The first of the days with big deals on Amazon this year is scheduled for the second week of July. Then all the giant retailer’s will offer its offers to all customers who are subscribed to the Prime membership service online. If you want to join the Amazon Prime benefits program, you only have to pay your annual fee of 19.95 euros, which allows us to enjoy all the advantages of the online store as free shipping costs, access to Amazon Prime video and access to the type offers on Amazon Prime Day 2017.

Amazon Prime Day 2017 Details

Amazon will offer on July 10 hundreds of limited-time “flash bids” on Amazon Prime Day 2017, just as it does on other occasions during the November and December Christmas shopping season that kicks off with the Black Friday celebration. This time instead of 24 hours, customers will have up to 30 hours to enjoy all these Amazon offers.

In 2016, purchases during the Amazon Prime Day rose 60 percent over the previous year around the world. The strategy of the online store again consisted of launching new discounts every five minutes in all kinds of categories. Mainly you can find hundreds of offers on mobile phones and get them at very cheap price.

However, as we say, Amazon sells all kinds of items on these days. Last year I got as impressive figures as more than 2 million toys, 1 million pairs of shoes and more than 200,000 smartphone headsets. In addition, members of Amazon Premium, now known as Amazon Prime, also bought more than 215,000 pressure cookers or thousands of technology products such as hard drives, laptops or image and sound products.

The best-selling items in the world during Amazon Prime Day 2016 in our country were a penguin from Sandisk, the famous Star Wars robot BB-8 or the Kindle PaperWhite. We have to wait and see What will be the star products of Amazon Prime Day 2017?

Are you a member of Amazon Prime?