5 Affordable Watches That Can Be Used to Make and Receive Calls

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Smartwatches have taken over the world, and most adults in the US now own one. However, as demand is growing for smartwatches, so are consumer expectations.

Rather than just accepting any form of a watch, finding one that will let you make and receive calls is sure to make your life easier and will help you avoid missing important calls. Check out our favorite options below.

Kimnix Smartwatch

If you are on a low budget, then there are still a range of watches that can make and receive calls, including the Kimnix Smartwatch!

It comes with a heart rate monitor, fitness features, and contactless payment capabilities that will keep you in touch with the world wherever you go!

According to superwatches, many of the more expensive watches also offer sleep tracking, but this watch does, too, making it even more of a bargain to enjoy.

It is compatible with iOS and Android and has a battery life of around three to five days on just a 2.5-hour charge. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Kids INIUPO Smartwatch

If you want to find a device for your kids that you can use to keep in touch, then the INIUPO Kids Smartwatch is a great choice as it can take calls and provide your child with an SOS alarm to keep them safe when they are away from you.

If your kids love tech, then the music player, calculator, and seven games are sure to keep them interested, as well as the camera that gives them the opportunity to take photos of everything they find!

It’s low in price and high in capabilities so that you don’t have to spend a fortune on staying in touch with them when they are away from home.

YAMAY Smartwatch

Suppose you want a watch that is waterproof as well as able to make and receive calls, then why not consider the YAMAY Smartwatch.

This budget device is proving to be very popular with consumers and comes packed with great features that will make life easier to manage, and comes with an IP68 waterproof rating.

There is a step and sleep tracker, a heart rate monitor, and a range of fitness features that will keep you active throughout the day.

It also offers compatibility with iOS and Android, meaning that no matter what smartphone you have, you can be sure it will work.

There is a do not disturb feature for when you are in school or work, and the watch also offers female health monitoring to help you manage your cycle more effectively – it’s a really great option that we highly recommend.

Fossil Men’s Gen 5E 44M

If you want a watch for the man in your life and can afford to pay mid-range prices, then the Gen 5E by Fossil is well worth considering. It has a simple to use touchscreen and in-built speakers that make taking and making calls a breeze.

Plus, it comes with the obligatory heart rate monitor and a wide range of fitness tracking options that have come to be expected on all decent smartwatches these days.

The watch comes in a number of color options and takes less than an hour to charge to 80%, meaning that you can prioritize life and keep your watch running too.

There is an always-on display and a range of apps that can be downloaded for use, giving your man the opportunity to personalize his device to suit his needs. This watch is well worth every cent!

Apple Watch Series 6

Whilst it is a bit pricey, the Apple Watch Series 6 is a great option for any iPhone user that wants to have their phone on their wrist.

Not only can you make and receive both calls and texts from the watch, but you can also use it to access watch versions of all your favorite apps!

You can use the device to take ECGs, monitor your heart rate, and get accurate Sp02 levels to help you keep on top of your health.

There is also a wide range of fitness options to help you get moving and a breathing reminder to give you the tools to keep stress at a minimum.


The Apple Watch is simple to use and comes in a square design with a battery that offers around 18 hours of charge before it needs to be plugged in.


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