Web Hosting and Site Speed

Web Hosting and Site Speed

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In order to have a successful business blog or website, the speed at which the page loads must be taken seriously, as this one incredibly important factor can affect a number of crucial aspects of your business or blog.

Things that can be influenced include rankings and SEO, bounce rate, the amount of time a user spends on your website, your conversions, and the all-around user experience.

If any of these areas are lagging then it could quite easily lead to the loss of custom, which will impact sales and revenue. So if you are using IT design tools then you may need to consider, for example, Elementor hosting to ensure a positive client experience.

We are going to look into the importance of page speed a little more, and why using a budget shared host might and maybe something you might wish to reconsider, but there are many benefits to choosing a free web hosting site.

Speed Influencing Ranking Factor & Conversions

Just over a decade ago, Google announced that a site’s ranking factor is influenced heavily by the page loading speed. Meaning that a site that has a quicker page loading speed could rank higher in SERPs (search engine results pages).

Now we see in 2021, Google has launched the mobile-first index, which considers mobile optimization strongly influencing ranking factors. You can be almost certain that however much consideration was placed on speed ranking before will be far less than what it will be.

This, in short, means that having as fast as possible site loading time is something that you should be prioritizing, as well as perhaps considering having AMP implementation.

Pingdom, or Google Page Speed Insights, are free tools that can test the page loading speed of your website.

The results will show you the speed of your website and will quite handily offer a few suggestions on how it could be improved. For instance, minimizing redirect, or browser caching leveraging.

 Sales and conversions are impacted significantly by the speed at which your page loads. If you are a site in e-commerce, then losing revenue because you have a slow website is definitely something that you want to avoid. According to industry experts, having a delay of just one second can lead to conversions being reduced by 7%.

As an example, let’s just say that your website has a loading speed of three seconds and that you are selling a product for $2,000. On an average week, you would have around 100 conversions, equaling total sales of $200,000.

If you moved to a web host with faster loading speeds, which gives you a two-second page load, at a 7% reduction you could increase your profit for the week by more than $14,000.

The Time a User Spends on Your Site / Dwelling

The amount of time a visitor spends on your website can be found on Google Analytics, under the headline ‘AVG. Session Duration’, which is alternatively known as ‘dwell time’.

Generally, the greater this number, the better the outcome. There are a few ways to keep the average session duration high, firstly by writing better and providing content that engages the user meaning that they are more likely to visit your site.

Having an organized structure to your site is another good way to provide a better site experience, as a user will appreciate being able to find the information or product that they want easily.

Going back to speed, having a quick loading time will impact the amount of time a user is willing to spend on your site.

Slow speeds can be frustrating, and as a result, the user will not be willing to hang around for a long time before they search elsewhere for the same product or information.

The entire site for a business should be of a reasonable speed, not just the homepage.

Premium Hosts vs Budget Shared Hosting

There are multiple ways in which you can improve your website’s page loading speed such as improving TTFB, using a CND for caching content that is close to the webpage user, optimizing imaging, content, caching, CSS code optimization, and suitable web fonts.

But there is one thing that stands above the rest that will drive down your overall loading time for every page on your site, and that is by having a quick web host provider.

What makes it more appealing is that it is not only the factor which will impact your business/blog the most, but it is also the easiest.

Saving money should be encouraged, and is vital to the growth and sustainability of any business. However, the areas in which you look to save money matter greatly.

A web host is something where you get what you pay for, and as your choice of web host can impact your business so great, then the cost for it should not be the first consideration.

Having a low-cost provider will save you money in the short term, but in the long term, you will lose out through loss of custom.

A premium host is not a luxury, but it should be looked at as a necessity, and a priceless investment for your business.

A premium web host will use better technology which will provide faster performance and greater customer satisfaction.

Summary of the Importance of a Host

So, the importance of page loading speed is quite clear as it impacts your business in many areas. It could be your SEO, conversions, or the amount of time a user spends on your site.

Making the choice to use a premium web host or a managed host provider could simply be the best decision you made for your blog or business, as it is a key part of providing or improving your page loading speed.

It is a service where the more money you invest in it, the better your outcome will be. This being said, it is up to you to decide how much your site is worth to you.

Investing in better web host providers will be a decision that you won’t regret, and one that could pay huge dividends for years to come.


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