Make Custom Texts on Whatsapp with Text Art Android App

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It is true that there are many symbols and smileys in WhatsApp that let you do more fun conversations with your friends in the application. However, there is actually a native way in which you can do something similar but with texting. Therefore, this time we will show you how to personalize texts to WhatsApp on Android by using the simple and free android application Text art that even allows you to add a background image from the gallery.

This Text art for whatsapp android is available through Play Store. Follow the article for more customization of the Text art android app.

WhatsApp Custom Texts with TextArt

The whole procedure for making custom phrases to WhatsApp with this application is fairly simple. In fact it is important to note that the created text actually is sent as an image in JPG or PNG format, these images also can be saved and shared on any other occasion.

As soon as you launch the application, you can type the text you want to send through WhatsApp and then you can see several options to choose from the different fonts. TextArt allows you to create incredible text effects, easily and quickly, and share it with your favorite chat apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, Talk, WeChat, ChatON, Telegram, or any other chat application. Amaze all your contacts !!!

How to Use Text Art for Whatsapp ?

Step 1:

Install the Text Art for Whatsapp Android here.
text art cool text editor

Step 2:

After installation, open the Text art android app for Whatsapp.

Step 3:

Enter the text to send. Use the [Edit Text] button or just double-click the preview area.
open text art for whatsapp android

Step 4:

Type the text you want to send to your friends through WhatsApp, Chaton, and any other android apps.
type the text as you want in text art app

Step 5:

Click on the BACK option to get more tools to customize the text.
click on back option to get more options

Step 6:

When you click on Back option, there appears Text edit, Text Art presets, Colors, Font, Background image, options etc.
text image edit optionscolors font edit option

Step 7:

Click on Edit Text and set a cool text format for the Text you have given. See the image below for more clear vision.
Use texit edit option to edit the text

Step 8:

Select Text Art Presets, and set a amazing Text art to your text.
add text presets to the text art

Step 9:

Click on Background image and in that you will see four options again.

  • Select image
  • Select Texture
  • No image
  • Transparent black and saved in .png form

select backgroun imageAdd texture to the image transparent and saved in png form

Step 10:

When you go for Change color option, there you can see two advanced options like “Change background color and Change the font color”.

Step 11 :

You can align the text into middle, lift side, right side, equal from both sides, etc with the Text Layout option. Also you can change the position of the text in the Background image as show in the second image.
change color for the text

Step 12:

That’s all you can preview your image and save the image. The image will be stored in your Gallery (memory).
save the image

Step 13:

After saving the image you can send it through WhatsApp Android App.

save and send through whatsapp

Step 14:

That’s it you are done!!!
that's it you are done and the image is saved sucessfully
At any time you can share with your contacts. It will be shared as an image picture. Once you have set your personalized text, you need to do is only click on the “option Send to WhatsApp “, then choose a contact, and finally send the picture with text that you have created.

You can also make texts for Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, etc.

By default, TextArt displays the option to send personalized texts to WhatsApp , however since the configuration you can disable this option so that we can share images with text on Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, Instagram, post, SMS or through other messaging applications on Android.


  • The preview image allows you to zoom / pan using pinch / drag.
  • Double-click on the preview image to edit the text
  • From the settings you can change the configuration of the break-lines and the size of the resulting images.
  • From your favorite chat program, click on the “clip” to attach files, select TextArt and quickly send that creative text to impress your contacts.
  • Now you can create square images to fit in the profile photo of your favourite chat app: Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, ChatON. etc
  • You can create transparent background images.
  • Tiled back textures available (+35).
  • In addition to the 37 fonts provided you can add custom fonts (.ttf and .otf files).

The Procedure seems to be long one. But, when you do it on your own it takes just few seconds to do. Try out this new Text art app let us know how it worked for you and also share your views on the same.



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