How To: Perform Safe Payments in WhatsApp

How To: Perform Safe Payments in WhatsApp

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It seems that WhatsApp could soon add the possibility of making payments through the application. 

Now, considering that it is actually an application designed to chat with our friends through text messages, video calls, and more.

How payments will work in WhatsApp application?

Let us see in the below article –


Perform Payments in WhatsApp Application

There are certain steps to perform payments in WhatsApp application.

We have to add our bank account

First, we have to add our bank account, and credit card in our WhatsApp messaging application. 

The bank account number is necessary to receive the money that you can send, while the credit card number is necessary to make payments ourselves. 

Maybe some of the users do not want any application to store their bank details, but the fact is that today to make any online purchase we have had to give our bank details.

Platforms like PayPal are the most reliable. 

And WhatsApp would also be on that list of reliable payment platforms.

No platform is ever perfect. 

But not even the bank teller, or the databooks we paid in the shops in our city.

In fact, WhatsApp is probably more reliable than these means of payment.

Send Payments between friends through WhatsApp

The most important reason is to send payments between friends. 

That is, we can pay a friend through WhatsApp. 

If we are going to lunch with a group of friends, and one of them have paid, your share has to be paid to them right.

WhatsApp will make this easy so that we can send money where we owe for.

Just as we send through a bank account, we can select the sender bank account, and choose the amount.

If both users have the bank account and the credit card configured, we could send the money very quickly.

Awesome isn’t it?

WhatsApp Payments to companies and stores

The other option is whether you pay or purchase from a company or store the WhatsApp payments will make it easy for you. 

Precisely WhatsApp is a very reliable platform. 

For example, you are going to buy shoes from your neighbourhood clothing store. 

How do you know that the databook is not modified to make a copy of your credit card? 

However, how many chances are there that WhatsApp scam users and scam does not come to light, or have no way to return the money? 

WhatsApp would be one of the most reliable payment platforms, and the best thing is that all stores could use WhatsApp to charge users.


Well, through the application of WhatsApp for a company that would arrive in the future. It would be paid (for the company, not for the users), but would have a lot of options for companies, among them, being able to charge users. 

For example, these companies might just have to write the customer’s mobile number. Instead of a complex card number, with PIN, with the chip, with NFC, we would only have to give our mobile number, we would receive the message on the smartphone, and confirm the sale, for example through our fingerprint, recognition of Iris, or with a password.

And the mobile would not have to have NFC, nor an NFC compatible sleeve, nor any additional technology.

 It should only be compatible with WhatsApp. 

And all smartphones today are compatible with WhatsApp.

This is really an awesome update from WhatsApp.

Let us see which application will win in this payment platforms. 

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This is all about the payments through WhatsApp application.

Let us hope this update will reach us soon. Stay tuned to our website for more WhatsApp updates.

What do you think about WhatsApp payments?

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Which payment app do you use to make online purchases?