Which learning tools you can use instead of textbooks?

Which learning tools you can use instead of textbooks?

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There are lots of learning tools out there for the student these days. It is all part of the fun of being in school and learning stuff. You should use textbooks in order to make sure you learn all that is in the curriculum because that is what is on the test, but you do not have to stick with textbooks. There are lots of options you may use as well as textbooks. Here are a few examples of things you can use when you have read your textbooks.


Best tools you can use instead of textbooks

You can use video websites

These can be rather good at times. It does depend upon the types of lessons you are looking to take. It is possible to find some absolute garbage on video sites. The most popular video site is YouTube, and it really depends on your subject.
For example, if you are looking for elocution lessons so that you may lose your accent then good luck finding them on YouTube. All you will find are lessons on how to talk English as a second language, and then a few videos with really poor hosts and production values.
On the other hand, if you are looking to study anything to do with nature then the world is your oyster because YouTube is full of that stuff. You can use video websites as learning tools to help you, but your luck may be hit and miss.

You can use tutorial websites

This is another mixed bag but for another reason. The more advanced things get then the more likely you are to hit upon failure. There are plenty of starter lessons online for anything from piano lessons to Neuro-Chemistry, but the more advanced you want it then the harder it is to find.
It is also a mixed bag because there are some really great free tutorial sites and there are some really terrible ones. There are money grabbers who have this great advertising quality videos thrown together quickly to make it look less than nothing.

You can use TED Apps

These are apps that put you into the video library showing you the many recordings done at TED. You may choose from a massive number of TED conference videos to find the ones that suit whatever you are learning.

You can use online learning courses

These are courses that are specifically set up to teach you something from start to finish. It is now possible to get a qualification online, which means you may work your way through a subject with all the help that the company or university is prepared to give you. This is one learning resource you can try if you are sick of textbooks, but there is no guarantee that they will not simply hand you more textbooks along with the rest of the course.

You can use an online tutor

These are people who operate completely online. They teach you online and it can be done with classes at a set time as per a certain time in the evening. Or, it can be done on a one to one basis. You may even be shown recorded sessions of lectures and such.
If the tutor is a personal one then you may learn directly from him or her and ask questions as you learn. Things such as coursework and homework may be set, and the tutor may be able to take you through a qualification too.

You can use a PC

At the end of the day, you can use your PC to learn instead of using your textbooks. The Internet is loaded with learning tools and games that you can try, and the Internet is nice (although unreliable) source of information. You may get your information from textbooks if you want it to be accurate, but if you want to put your knowledge to the test then they can use your PC. You can take online tests, work online puzzles or even try your skills on the PC if you happen to do a programming course.

There are also pieces of software and larger programs that allow you to learn and to learn whilst doing. There are graphic design tools, programming tools, 3D animation tools, etc. There are even programs that allow you to explore anatomy or Chemistry, plus there are specialist programs which are just loaded with information.

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