Woman Accidentally Throws Away Apple Computer Worth $200,000

Woman Accidentally Throws Away Apple Computer Worth $200,000

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A mystery woman unknowingly threw a couple of old electronics in which a rare, 1976 first-generation Apple computer worth $200,000 is found by a recycling center in Silicon Valley. When she was cleaning her late husband’s garage, accidentally she threw the valuable computer that fetched $200,000 at a private auction. Being unaware of the value, the woman might threw that in the rubbish dump of the recycling center in Silicon Valley. The first generation Apple computer was initially designed by Steve Jobs in the year 1976. This rare Apple-1 computer was found by the Recycling firm staff and they gained a huge amount in a private auction.

Rare first generation Apple computer sold for $200,000

Clean Bay Area – Recycling center

The woman has thrown that in the Clean Bay Area which is a Recycling center in Silicon Valley where they found that it is a rare, first-generation Apple computer that was designed in the year 1976. They were considered as the Apple Computer 1 which were retrospectively known as the Apple I or Apple-1. The Apple-1 computer was kept at a private auction by the Clean Bay Area Recycling firm where it was sold for $ 200,000. Apple-1 is the first generation computer of Apple that was manufactured and hand-assembled by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne in the year 1976. The computer has just 4KB of memory and was formerly sold for $600.
Steve Jobs created first gen Apple computer in 1976
According to the report of Victor Gichun who is the vice president of Clean Bay Area told NBC that this was happened in early April. As the woman don’t want to a tax receipt and so she didn’t provide her contact information to the firm. A few weeks later the two electronic boxes were dropped off and the recycling firm discovered the precious Apple-1 computer. Gichun also added that, “We really couldn’t believe our eyes. We thought it was fake”.
However, the computer was certainly genuine product of Apple and then the recycling firm sold the Apple I for $200,000 to a private collection. Suppose, if you deliberate that the computer is steep, be conscious that an Apple I computer was sold for $365,000 this past December.
In the year 1976, first -generation desktop computers were very expensive and hence only about 200 were assembled by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne. Originally, they were sold at a cost of $600 per each computer.

Recycling Firm’s Vice President announces 50% share to the Original Owner

As the firm found that valuable computer in their recycling center, they fetched $200,000. The woman may not be aware about the worth of that computer. However, because of that mysterious woman they gained this huge amount. Victor Gichun finally decided to give a happy ending to this story and hence announced a 50% share of all sales back to the original owner of the computer. Staff at the recycling centre in Milpitas, California, said they were unable to trace the woman. Gichun doesn’t know the name of the original owner but he remembers her appearance. He also said that, “To prove who she is, I just need to look at her.”
Recycling firm announces 50 percent share to the mysterious woman
All that which is remained is to hand over a six-figure check for the original owner. The firm has decided to inform this lady to please come over to our warehouse in Milpitas again, and they will give her a check for $100,000. Clean Bay Area is looking for her to give her that amount and wishing to provide contentment to the mysterious woman.