A Pendant that keeps Women Safe – Athena Technology

A Pendant that keeps Women Safe – Athena Technology

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Hey, friends! As we know there is a lack of security for women in our society. Though there are many acts in our law, they are reacting or taking action on the criminals only after the incident happens. Then what is the use of this law and taking action towards the criminals when we cannot bring her life back. We should have a safety weapon which helps us when we are in a dangerous situation. Many of them were keeping their 100% efforts to protect a girl from the demons. Even I am trying to educate you all with new technologies and technical android apps which are safer and secured to every girl or women in this World. This is the generation, where we are improving our technology for women safety. Hope you all like this article and make sure to share with your friends, colleagues, etc., and make them aware about these safety tips.  Recently we have introduced 25+ best safety apps for Women, College Students and Every Citizen in our Society. Chek out this article and implement in your android smartphone. And now in this article we are going to introduce a new technology which looks like a pendant that keeps women safe. This pendant has a good look which increases the beauty of a woman and protects her from the danger situations.
Attack and rape are unfortunately a fact of life for women everywhere. In the UK, one in five ladies has been the casualty of sexual violence, and the apprehension of attack keeps many women looking their shoulder on the way home or not risk their male friends would. It’s no surprise, then, that an IndieGoGo venture for a discrete and simple approach to keep women safe has started such hobby. This hobby and interest made them find a pendant that keeps women safe in our society. Where ever she is, can be brave and able to intimate her situation to other with these technology apps and advancements. See the below image for the clear view of a pendant.

Text and alert of Pendant that Keeps Women Safer and Secure

Whenever squeezed, the little Athena button automatically sends writings to your emergency contacts with your area and sounds an ear-part alert that could keep an attack in any case.
The project smashed its fundraising goal of £20,000 and at the season of composing has gotten £102,000 (more than Rs 1 crore) in promises. Thunder for Good fellow benefactor Yasmin Mustafa got the thought for the wearable tech when she went voyaging solo in South America and met many women, both local people, and backpackers, who had been assaulted.
When she returned home to Philadelphia, the assault of local women stunned the business person and her co-founder Anthony Gold into trying to create a product to make a difference.
We have built this device to save lives … Athena is the next generation of wearable technology. It enables women to empower their lives intensely, without fear,” she said.
Named after the Greek goddess of both insight and war, Athena can be utilized to keep anybody safe, however Roar For Good has the objective of forestalling assaults against ladies at the forefront of their philosophy.
A Pendant that keeps Women Safe 1
In the Image, “Athena’s design embodies our mission to empower women worldwide to live their lives boldly and without fear. The device is simple to use and effortlessly stylish, elegantly combine safety and fashion’, says ROAR CEO, Yasmine.

Research-based Tech

The company talked to thousand of women about their experience and ran extensive prototype testing to ensure the gadget conquers a few issues that exist with current rape alarms.
Unlike devices like pepper shower, Athena can’t be used against the victim on the off chance that she is empowered, and it’s sheltered to take through airports. It can be worn as a necklace or clipped on anywhere on the body or clothes, and since it’s not attached the wrist like other assault alerts, the wearer can utilize both hands to enact it if vital.
The activation button is recessed to avoid coincidentally setting it off and intended to be initiated without the alert going off if important. Athena will be accessible to purchase universally from May 2016 at the cost of around £65, and is accessible in rose gold, silver or dark.
A portion of profits will go to charities that teach health relation to children to handle the main drivers of savagery against women, the organization says. “Our objective is that one day gadgets like Athena will never again be fundamental,” states the company.

Final Words

I Hope you all liked this article well and please implement them in your daily life. Don’t leave any opportunity or neglect your safety in our society. If you think this article is worthy or if this article helps any of your friend or colleague share with them and create awareness among them to implement them immediately. What is the use of these great people who are struggling to invent things if no one is using them?. So, take initiation from your end and see that your sister, friend, wife, etc are safe and secured. If you know any other safety apps or advanced technology techniques, let us know all your views in the comments below. Also, share your thoughts on this article. Thank you!
Be Safer and Secure, because there is a family waiting for you.