Yahoo to host Mobile Developer Meet for the First Time in India

Yahoo to host Mobile Developer Meet for the First Time in India

Internet Giant, Yahoo has set everything to bring their Mobile Developers Meet for the first time in India. Yahoo is one of the most prevalent Multi-National Company that globally known for Search Engine, Web Portal and provides many other services. The company has now got a privilege to host the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite this month. The event will be organised by the Net Giant, Yahoo in two variant locations. The company is all set to organize two Mobile Developer Meets in India.
Mobiles are being launched massively by a huge number of manufacturers in India every day. Many of the mobile developers are introducing innovative and unique apps, features on the smartphones that are enhancing hype among the consumers to purchase Smartphones. Most of the companies are considering the user requirements and interests so as to develop the mobile related apps accordingly.

When and Where?

First Mobile Developers Meet

  • Date: June 24
  • Location: New Delhi

Second Mobile Developers Meet

  • Date: June 26
  • Location: Bengaluru

Yahoo Mobile Developers Meet
Jarah Euston, the Vice President of Analytics and Marketing at Flurry that is owned by Yahoo, said: “India has a vibrant, rapidly growing app developer community. As a mobile-first company, we understand the need for app developers to have a strong mobile analytics and monetisation engine.”
Euston also added: “The Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite can help developers build their app businesses, monetise and create better experiences for their users, to stand out in today’s crowded app market.”

Great Need for Mobile App Developers

Yahoo stated that, “India’s mobile Internet sector – growing at almost 40 per cent a year – has spawned an exciting app developer ecosystem, creating a community that is riding the wave of innovating not only for users in India, but across the world.”
Mobile Internet growth which is almost 40 per cent a year is pretty good news for everyone in India that we all should be glad for such kind of development. Seemingly, it is the right move that shows an appealing growth of mobile penetration in India along with a flourishing Developer Community.
India has a vivacious, rapidly growing app developer community. Being a mobile-first company, yahoo has a great need for app developers to enhance a strong mobile analytics and monetization engine. Through this Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite, the company will be helping the developers build their app businesses, monetize and generate better experiences for its users in order to withstand in current crowded app market.

Anticipations at the Yahoo Mobile Developer Meetup

Being mobile-first Company, Yahoo mentioned all the developers that they will be totally focusing on their first look at the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite which is a new suite of services designed to help them analyse, promote, monetize and improve their mobile apps accordingly. The suite is made of analytics that includes explorer, Yahoo app publishing, Flurry Plus, Yahoo app marketing and Yahoo search in apps. The mobile developers can also get the key insights and trends from the app universe at the regional level and across the world.
Currently, Flurry delivers mobile analytics for 200,000 app developers that they need to better understand the user’ specific requirements like their interests, usage and performance. Flurry touches more than 1.6 billion devices every month and advances incredible insights into users’ interests and behavior, based on the apps they use. The meet-up will also emphasis on a discussion with a panel of innovators and thought leaders along with a mixer to provide an opportunity to the participants in order to network with fellow developers and discuss learnings that can help resolve shared challenges.

Vital Aspects concerning the Developer Meet

  • Yahoo is hosting its Mobile Developer Meetup for the first time in India.
  • The Mobile Developer Meet Event is being held at two places in India. First is in New Delhi on June 24 and the second is in Bengaluru on June 26.
  • All the Mobile Developers across India will get an opportunity have a primary look at the Yahoo mobile developer suite.
  • The suite is mainly a product of analytics that includes explorer, Flurry pulse, Yahoo search in apps, Yahoo app publishing and Yahoo app advertising.
  • The meet involves a panel of innovators and thought leaders.


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