14 Hidden Safari Shortcuts and Tricks to be a Safari ninja for iPhone and iPad

14 Hidden Safari Shortcuts and Tricks to be a Safari ninja for iPhone and iPad

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Safari for iOS is probably one of the apps that you use most in your day to day on the iPhone or iPad.

Hidden Safari Game Hacks and Tricks to be a Safari Ninja in iPhones and iPads

Since it is the default browser, almost all web pages that you open from apps or searching directly, you do it by Safari. What’s more, even the pages that you open in applications, they do it through an integrated Safari window (most of the times). Being a great safari user, why don’t you know these couple of shortcuts and tricks that make its use more comfortable?


Safari like many other apps or parts of the iOS system has hidden shortcuts or tricks. Generally, Apple does not explain these type of shortcuts or tricks to the public, so it is the users who are discovering them. In this case, we have compiled some of them that maybe you knew or maybe not. Be that as it may, it never hurts to remember them because of their enormous utility.

Hidden Safari tricks for iOS that will save you a lot of time

Let us see all the hidden safari tricks to be a safari ninja.

Access desktop mode quickly

Normally web pages load their adapted mobile version on small screens such as smartphones. In this version, some elements of the web that may be of interest to the user are sometimes left out. If you want to force the loading of the desktop web, you can do it by means of the extension of the share menu or by simply pressing the button to reload the URL.

Load the page without content blockers

Content blockers can sometimes block items that we do not want to block in addition to advertising. Or we simply want a website to be loaded with all the content temporarily. Instead of adding the web page to the whitelist, we can keep the URL reload button pressed and choose “Upload without content blockers”.

Activate the reading mode automatically

If in a page you usually enter to read and usually activate the reading mode that leaves only the images and text … you can do it automatically. To do this in the read mode button in the search bar keep it pressed a few seconds, you can activate the automatic reading mode for that web or for all.

Paste a URL and go directly

A trick is known for a long time and is that if you have a URL or a text copied to the clipboard, you can search more quickly. Instead of clicking on the search bar, paste and search you can do it directly. To do this, keep pressed in the text field of the search bar and press “Paste and search”.

View the history easily

Have you been surfing from one website to another and want to go back to a page you’ve been on before? To not go pressing the “Back” all the time, keep the “Back” button pressed and it will show you the last visited website.

See the last closed tabs

Have you accidentally closed a website and want to open it again in your tab? Press the tabs button in the lower right corner to see all the tabs open and then press and hold the + button to open a new tab, you will be shown the last closed webs.

Quickly add to the reading list or as a bookmark

If you want to save a web in the reading list or in the Safari bookmarks, it is normal to do it from the sharing menu, but it can be done more quickly in another way. You just have to hold down the bookmarks button in the Safari bar.

Close all hit tabs

Have you opened a lot of tabs and do not want to close them one by one? Press and hold the tab button in the lower right corner and click on “Close X tabs”. Fast and easy.

Reorder open tabs

If you have a good chaos of open tabs you can order them easily. Click on the tabs button at the bottom and then press and hold on a tab and drag it wherever you want.

Open a link in a new tab

This trick is the most curious. If you want to open a link in a new tab (so that the current web is not closed) you usually keep the link pressed until a menu appears that gives you the option to open in a new tab. But, if you click with two fingers on a link, it opens directly in a new tab.

Always open the links in the background

Those links that you open in a new tab can be opened in the background, so they do not bother you while you are browsing the web in which you are. To do this you must configure it from Settings> Safari> Open links and then choose whether in a new tab or in the background.

Change the search engine

In Settings> Safari we can also configure the browser that the browser will use to search the network. The default is Google but we can change it to Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo.

Improve privacy and security

There are a number of privacy settings found in Settings> Safari to improve our online history. We can, for example, prevent a tracking between sites, block all cookies, receive notices of fraudulent websites, etc.

Restrict access to web pages

Finally, if your iPhone or iPad is going to be used by a child, you can restrict navigation to avoid accessing inappropriate content. For this, we use the restrictions and parental controls of iOS, which allow us to block access to websites for adults or directly limit the use of certain web pages.

These are the 14 safari tricks which can be very useful for safe and easy browsing. I hope this article will help you to use Safari browser easily on your iPhone or iPad. If you have any queries regarding the safari browser, let us know them in the below comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.

Would you like to add any other important safari tricks to this article? Then write them to us through contact us page.

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