About Us

This blog is run by CloudStrike Ventures and our team of passionate tech bloggers.


Our goal is to help the average non-tech geek navigate the world of technology.

That includes providing content related to the what, where, when, how much, the best of, and everything in-between, as it relates to the software, apps, tools, and tech toys that help power technology.

Technology changes often and fast, and sometimes with dramatic changes.  And if you’re a tech geek, it’s great, but, if you’re the average consumer who has other things to worry about, then it can sometimes be daunting.

So welcome to AllTop9.com


AllTop9.com was started by Lasya K. in 2015. She’s the brains behind many of the articles that you’ll read on the site.

Lasya passed the reigns over to a team of talented, and passionate tech writers who love writing about and following everything tech.

To our team, technology isn’t a tool. It’s a toy. It’s fun. And we love writing about it.

We write about current technology trends, news, opinions, and tips, so you’ll find anything from how to fix your disconnected Microsoft Outlook server, to how to find Cool names for Call of Duty, and then, the latest feature that you might find in Whatsapp.

We don’t just write about this stuff … we ive it. We use it, and we have fun with technology. Every single day.

If you want to get in touch with us, you can email us here:  [email protected].