3 Best Ways to Manage Your Passwords for Windows OS, iPhone, Android, iPad

3 Best Ways to Manage Your Passwords for Windows OS, iPhone, Android, iPad

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Check what are the best manager of passwords to secure and store logins, notes and credit / debit card, etc. When we talk about Internet security normally do it in larger terms.

How to Manage and Secure Your Passwords for Windows OS, iPhone, and Android

For example, when a web should spend all your traffic in encrypted form. But we can not forget that security begins at home, especially with passwords that we choose. Let’s talk about how to store our passwords safely.

The gestures of passwords are applications that allow us to store all your passwords for all those services that we checked. This may seem “Internet 101”, but remember that you should never use the same password, so are these applications are very useful.
We have tried many solutions exist to availability worldwide. Of these we have few in the list, some of the business solutions by price and more focused on professional environments usage.


LastPass is a password manager for all ages. LastPass does its job well, it is light to be based on browser extensions and above all easy to use. It has the basics of storing passwords and accounts, organizing folders and you can even share passwords with others safely.

LastPass to be installed on your computer has a part that I think is fundamental, import passwords from your browser. This is something we have not found in other applications of this type.
It offers a faster premium version that allows you to access mobile applications, a “portable” version USB sticks and support from the company

The good

  • Of the few that offer Linux version
  • 14 days free trial Premium

The bad

  • Has advertising
  • No moving versions free accounts


No doubt 1Password has become one of the references in password managers. It is one of the most complete one. Powered by Agilebits, the password manager has versions for all operating systems: OS X, Windows, Android and iOS.
Synchronize your password vault thanks to iCloud iOS or between computers using Dropbox. It has a powerful password generator, stores both logins as your social networks and is also able to store private notes and credit cards. It is able to detect repeated the easiest passwords or passwords that you should change, but definitely the best option is to check whether any of your stock account is endangered by a leak of users and passwords.
It has extensions for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox powerful that lets you store all your Internet access.
Mobile apps are free, but the desktop versions costing USD $ 49.99, but you can buy Windows version and OS X for USD $ 69.99.

The good

  • Integration with Browsers
  • App for iOS allows TouchID

The bad

  • OS X-sync between iOS and / or Android Windows can be complicated


At present Dashlane is one of the most complete password managers. It has the basics to store your passwords well, adding them by hand or extensions for browsers session. It also allows you to store password protected notes and one of the most complete functions, a vault for payments in which you can add credit / debit card, PayPal account or a traditional bank account.
An interesting feature is that at the beginning Dashlane tells you the “health of your passwords” making a calculation which of them are too simple or even checking if an account could be exposed in a massive hack. It includes a password generator and even sharing passwords, so yes, just 5 if you’re normal, unlimited user if you pay for the account premium .
It has applications for Windows, OS X , Android and iOS  and extensions for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
Dashlane offers a premium version that allows you to sync between computers Dome passwords, share passwords and notes on their servers and backup of encrypted vaults. The service premium costs $ 39.99 per year.

The good

  • Double check to access the application
  • Android and iOS
  • Browser Extensions
  • Compatible with Google Authenticator

The bad

  • You can only access the web via passwords with version premium

Other applications


Good application especially for teams and companies with a Pro version that allows synchronization between computers and operating systems. Available for Windows, OS X, Android, iPhone and iPad. Only available extension for Chrome


An application that allows you to store your passwords and has everything you need to save, but lacks extensions for browsers and is supported by other developments for other operating systems other than Windows


Password manager available for Windows, OS X, iPhone, iPad and Android. It also has extensions for all browsers.

These are the best softwares to secure your passwords, Credit cards, etc. If you know any other softwares which are best to you, let us know in your comments.