5 Apps to View Web Pages offline on Android

5 Apps to View Web Pages offline on Android

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While mobile devices facilitate us access to the Internet, it is clear that we can not always stay connected to consult our favorite websites.

Here are 5 Free Apps Where You Can View Web Pages Off-Line on Android

Fortunately there is no need for it as there are applications for viewing web pages offline on Android , which allow us to save the content to your phone for viewing at any time without having to connect to the Internet. Below we share 5 Apps to View Web Pages offline on Android.


5 apps to view web pages offline on Android

It is noteworthy that initially all these applications require access to the Internet to store web pages and articles, however, once this is done, we can see pages from the phone or tablet, without requiring internet connection .

1. Pocket

This is one of the best apps for web pages offline on Android, which not only allows us to store items that interest us read without Internet, but also can also save videos for playback at any time . In fact the application includes a function which can only download content when we are connected to WiFi, which are not afraid to worry about data consumption.

2. Offline Browser

With this application you can download websites for offline viewing on your Tablet or Smartphone Android. Its operation is very simple, when you are connected to the Internet, select the site you want to keep, give it a name and then specifies whether to download images, flash objects and the number of links per page or site, you can even set the maximum limit of images. If you want, you can also transfer HTML files from the PC to the microSD card from your phone to also visualize no internet connection.

3. PaperSpan – Read Later Offline

The main features of this application include web pages save articles for offline reading , sync between phone and computer, listen to saved items, controls reading, ability to change the size of the font, full screen display, zoom or even share via messaging applications or social networks.

4. Instapaper

Another good option to view web pages offline on the phone, which similarly allows us to store all kinds of items to read anywhere and anytime. You can save pages as text only, adjust the font size, margins, adjust the brightness to read at night, plus you can create folders to organize the pages you download.

5. Readability

Whether you want to see web pages without Internet on your computer or on your Android phone with this application you can easily do so by simply accessing the sites you want information offline. Items are stored in plain text and images. Once you run the application you have a list of all the items that you saved previously. You have to sign in service to all pages you visit and want to see offline, sent directly to your account and you can access them from your Android phone.