9 Creative ways to Increase your blog traffic

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SEO Hacks: 9 Useful Tools on How to Increase Your Website Blog Traffic

9. Quora

Quora is a website just like yahoo answers site where it accepts questions and answers from the users. The answer can be edited by the rest of the members who can give a better answer than the before users submitted answer. The main thing here is how to drive traffic to your website. Simple, just answer to the questions that are related to your blog and answer them with submitting your URL or suggest them to see your blog. In this way, you can drive good traffic.

8. Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the 9 creative ways to increase your blog traffic. It is a microblogging website and social networking site. In this site, you can follow different blogs and many of them will follow your blog. If you want you can keep your blog as private so that it will not visible to everyone. But, as you want to drive traffic to your blog keep your blog as public so that many of them will follow your blog. It makes you get more traffic. See, that you much be active to get more traffic.

7. Yahoo

Yahoo answers.yahoo.com is a website follows questions and answers pattern. Users can ask question and answer to the questions asked by the others. Here, this is a very useful site to drive more traffic to your blog. Just answer to the questions related to your blog and to different questions asked by others by giving the URL of the particular post of your blog. So, when the people start verifying that URL automatically you will get a good stretch of traffic.

6. Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is one of the best creative ways to increase your blog traffic. This is a very useful website to drive traffic to your blog instantly by doing a simple task. All is to do is just follow the simple steps.
  • Publish a post in your blog
  • Copy the URL of the particular post/any post
  • Submit it in the stumbleupon.com 
  • After submission start stumbling for a max of 20-30 pages
  • See your blog after stumbling there you can find the increase in traffic

5. Reddit

Reddit also helps to drive more traffic to your website. The simple thing is just to copy the URL of your post and submit it in reddit.com and get a maximum thumbs up for your post. In this way, traffic is generated.

4. Digg

Digg is just like a news aggregator. This site mainly concentrated on editorials, science, trending political issues, etc. In order to get traffic to submit your post in this site.

3. Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site as everyone know. The main regions where we can get good traffic from Facebook are Pages, Groups and Status updates. Keep your post only in the groups which are related to blogging. If you do in other groups they may report it as abusive or spam and you cannot post that again and again. To avoid this just post in related groups.

2. Twitter

Twitter, as everyone the usage of Twitter. Just built good fans over your account and tweet daily. Just be active and tweet daily in order to get good results. By using re-tweets, you can catch good traffic to your blog.

1. Google+

Google+ plays a vital role in order to drive a maximum of traffic to your blog. Now, the links posted in g+ are considered as do-follow links. So, get a maximum of g+ to your post to get huge traffic.

These are the 9 creative ways to increase your blog traffic. These all ways are our personal experiences that we have got a good response in the increase of traffic to our blogs.

If any queries among these ways or if you have any creative way, let us know in your valuable comments.