10 Mind Blowing Apps to Survive at College

10 Mind Blowing Apps to Survive at College

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Already stressing over the hassle of college routine and managing everything at once? Being a college student means dealing with tons of assignments, labs, quizzes, and dozens of files to be saved. It becomes even more hectic to manage if students are working part-time or full-time jobs.

But 2022 is here! And it is no more a deal to share your burden with technology; just make choices wisely. The students may contact a term paper writing services and even use educational apps to make their college life a much better experience. Keep reading to find out which applications can be useful for you to survive college.

1. Microsoft Office Lens

As suggested by the name, Microsoft Office has a lens for students to save their time and energy over copying and writing down notes again and again. Microsoft lenses can scan through every whiteboard, green board, or blackboard without missing a word.

It can even detect glare and autocorrect the mistakes making it convenient to use if students are not able to see the board. Other than boards, it can scan other students’ notes, receipts, and books as well, so that you don’t have to keep a pile of pages around your desk.

Moreover, Microsoft Office Lens gives you the option to convert the notes into images or pdf; word document format isn’t available.

2. JumpTask

JumpTask is a gig marketplace with a user-friendly app that will help increase student savings by getting a side hustle. Those online hustles require no skills or expert knowledge and can be completed with minimal effort: survey completions, app testing, or playing games.

As every task is done online, students do not need to leave their homes, and they can choose how much time you would spend doing those tasks.

3. Evernote

Evernote is a note app that will reduce students’ stress to a great extent. With its cool features, a student can not only keep their own created notes but scan from books, journals, websites, or boards. These are not simple notes; rather, you can add a to-do list, memo, checklists, and searchable notes.

Students can create a whole collection of ideas for notes by adding pictures, videos, audio, weblinks, pdfs, stats, graphs, and sketches to the notes. It can also extract data from printed documents, pictures, cards, and screens. Students can create multiple notebooks and files to compile different topics separately.

4. myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student planner is a note cum planner app. Students can take notes themselves or convert the written notes into digital notes. This app can be accessed on mobiles and laptops so that you are never out of notes. Not only does it spare students from heavy notes around but acts as a schedule planner as well.

Students can set their schedule into the app and onto the notes to remind themselves when to study and what to study, so they will never be stuck on “Where to start”. Students can easily remember the quiz and assignment dates with myHomework Student Planner.

5. Circulo

Being a college student is not all about lectures, notes, assignments, and quizzes, but social life as well. Being a student and having a fun nightlife always go together, but it also concerns safety.

Therefore, for students, Circulo provides the opportunity to lower the risk. Students have to pick the six most trusted people from their contact list and add them to their app. In case of an emergency, the student can send a “Come get me” text with one click.

The app will send the message and the student’s GPS location instantly to the 6 contacts. Furthermore, you can easily contact police, ambulance, and emergency services locally or nationwide.

6. Simplemind

Simplemind is an app that keeps the crazy ideas of students in a simple and mindful shape. Simplemind helps organize ideas and important phrases into map form for easy visualization. Students can create multiple headings, subheadings, notes, branches, and sub-branches on a map.

The app allows the user to add or delete any information from any spot on the map. Students can create unlimited topics, maps, and branches to add maximum creativity as well.

7. Any Do

Any Do is one of the best planner apps for college students. With this app, they can remember all the essential events and dates without any hassle. The app not only allows to put reminders, to-do, and checklists but gives access to multiple devices.

Users can tick mark the done task by clicking the screen or using a voice command. Users should add the widget to their home display to quickly access the app for a better experience.

8. StudyBlue

Need a helping partner for study? StudyBlue can be one. StudyBlue is an app with millions of questions and keywords answered in the form of flashcards. Students can search for flashcards or sets of flashcards to clear the concepts.

The app also allows the students to create their flashcards and share them with their teachers and classmates. The flashcards can be put into sets for more convenience, and the app is widely accessible through its website.

Besides creating and studying flashcards, students can set reminders or study and complete tasks as well.

9. Babylon

Here comes something special for exchange students. Babylon is a translator app with 75 languages stored in its system with over 1500 vocabulary. Babylon enables a student to translate various research papers, documents, and search results from various languages into their native language.

In this way, not only can students get more information than their college mates, but they also learn a whole language by themselves. This app can be a lifesaver for international students as they will be able to talk to their teachers and classmates more confidently.

10. Rev Voice Recorder

Rev voice recorder saves students a huge amount of time by converting the audio and video file into text form with little to no mistakes. The students no longer need to copy and listen to a lecture simultaneously as Rev will record the lecture and convert it into a word file.

At the same time, the students can focus solely on lectures to ensure their outstanding grades. It is designed with an AI speech recognition system to eliminate any chance of mistakes in the text. Students can invite other people to review and edit text for teamwork as well.

11. Mathway

Mathway is a blessing to all the scared students out there as it provides the solution to almost all math problems. All a student has to do is add the question into the system and wait for the app to present a step-by-step solution.

Mathway is highly effective for Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry. The app most likely contains all the Formulae and equations to solve any question in seconds.

Final Verdict

This was our countdown for the 10 best apps to relive the college life of students. A student doesn’t need to have all the apps at once; rather choose according to your needs and schedules. Happy studying!


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