Top 5 Best Automated Tables for Your Home

Top 5 Best Automated Tables for Your Home

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You will not find a single house in the world that does not have tables. For this reason and for the multifunctional designation the table has the first place ranking in your interior. It is essential for household purposes and is also the key to your business success.

The switching on to home office mode gave rise to a new trend – buying one more table for business purposes. And to spend time at the computer with comfort and not to the detriment of your health, you need to choose a table that fits your requirements.

Of course, nothing beats the l shaped standing desk in popularity, but you should also check out the other options available on the market.

1. An l-shaped Standing Desk

So let’s start with the mentioned above the l-shaped standing desk. When the height of the desk can be easily adjusted to a position to work not only while sitting, but also standing using a remote with a four-position memory function, then there is no price for such a product.

And why does this type of table raise it to the rank of the most popular? Of course, due to the universal form, it is familiar and practical.

A rectangular table will fit an apartment with an acute shortage of free space, because it can be moved close to the wall, placed in a corner, in short, to implement the densest layout. The majority of various models of automated tables are made in rectangular or I-shaped designs.

They were also among the first to be automated and equipped with improvements such as one or two motors, collision detection, child lock, energy-saving mode, soft start and stop, and adjustable feet.

2. Corner Smart Table

It does not require more space in the room. Such a furniture gadget is equipped with 3 legs and they make it strong and sturdy. As is clear from the L-shaped surface, it gives you an incredibly large space for all necessary for work office supplies and equipment.

In addition, its sit-stand L-shape is interchangeable between both left and right to fit any environment.

Another advantage of this table, which provides excellent ergonomics, is an offering of additional storage space under the table. Equipped with a height adjuster and all the technical gadgets to keep everything’s at a hand, and being connected and charged, make it a worthy purchase for your home!

3. The V-shaped Standing Desk

This choice will give you a balance of style and function, as the 120° construction offers more versatility than traditional standing tables, and is a great solution for those, who search for more space.

You can customize your deck with a hand remote with four position memory function with a USB charging port or touch screen. Three-step legs allow the table to have a wide range of motion.

Pair it with a sleek tabletop available in a few colors. Tabletops are made from natural bamboo, MDF material, or particleboard. It takes only 25 minutes to assemble such a useful giant with three motors.

By the way, self-respecting manufacturers offer a 30-day trial period, that is, if you don’t like it, feel free to return. But such cases have not been registered to this day. Guess why. Indeed, it is simply an outstanding standing desk!

4. Dining Transforming Table

Well, let’s distract from the work topic to a taking easy mode. When it comes to having rest and dinner alone or with guests we also need a table. And it will be better if it is equipped with an automatic mechanism.

They are considered the most convenient, as they require a minimum of effort from the user. To unfold movements you just need to extend one of the modules, and the rest of the structure will start to move automatically.

One of the most important parameters of tables with an automatic layout mechanism can be called the dimensions of their insertion – it depends on them how much it will increase when unfolded.

Some tables become twice as large, others add a quarter or a third of the length. Before ordering this product, you should check its fittings. Automatic tables bear an increased load on them, so high-quality fittings are the key to long and reliable usage.

5. Multifunctional End Table

The end table is a very versatile piece of furniture. It is a place for books, remotes, magazines, vases, candles, etc. That is why it is a must-have in every home. But when there is a shortage of space in the room you purchase small and compact end tables.

So it is simply impossible to place all things on them. That is why a transforming table is a great solution.

Thanks to smart mechanisms, the surface of the table changes in an instant and hides things in special compartments. You will be able to independently choose its height and even the area of ​​the countertop.

So one small piece of furniture can perform a large number of functions and be transformed in different ways.

Nowadays many of the tables, whether for household needs or work can be equipped with additional technical advantages.

These can be computer monitor stands, dividing desk privacy panels, power solutions, remote controls, grommets, cable management, drawers, CPU holders, and many other support accessories. Every year something new is invented and presented.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.


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