Can You Tell if Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story?

Can You Tell if Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story?

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Instagram is a very popular social networking website. It sees hundreds of thousands of stories and posts uploaded to its platform each day. Like any other social networking site, users are often tempted to take a cheeky screengrab to share with friends and family for fun or education. 

And that’s where the trouble begins… or not! 

Users often wonder whether taking a screenshot will notify the other person of their activity and cause them embarrassment. After some research and going through the policies of Instagram, we have a definite answer.

Here’s everything you need to know! 

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

Short answer: No. 

Long answer: Instagram doesn’t send any notification when you screenshot a story (or an Instagram post, for that matter). The same holds true for its mobile app. It doesn’t tell users when someone takes a screenshot of their post or story. What that means is, that you are free to take cheeky sneaky screenshots of other people as much as you like. They wouldn’t know anything about it. Ta-Da!

But…. it also means there’s no way to know if someone screenshots your story (or post). 

Does Instagram tell when you screenshot a DM? 

A DM or a Direct Message is when someone slides into your inbox for a one-to-one conversation. And screenshotting DMs is a whole other story. When someone sends you a disappearing video or photo via a direct message on the Insta app and you quickly take a screengrab, they will be notified of your cheeky behavior. So, know the consequences next time you try to screenshot a naughty picture or video someone sent in your inbox. 

Taking a screenshot of any content other than disappearing pictures and videos on DM will not make Instagram issue a notification to the other party. Thus you can screenshot individual messages, conversation history, and other stuff communicated back and forth without worrying about a notification. 

How did Screenshots use to Work On Instagram Stories In the Past? 

Back in 2018, Instagram rolled out a feature that allowed users to see who was taking screen grabs of their stories. Every time someone took a secret screenshot, you could see a tiny star icon next to your profile during this period. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) Instagram retired this feature in just a few months. The main takeaway here is that Instagram has changed its screenshot policies in the past, and it may do so again in the future. We will keep updating this article, and if that happens, you can bookmark this page to check again in the future. 

But what if you want to preserve a disappearing video or photo without letting the other party know? 

Screenshot Your Instagram Story

How to Avoid Screenshot Detection 

So, if you want to screenshot a disappearing photo or video someone sent in your DMs on Instagram, there are some tricky ways to prevent Instagram’s notification algorithm from being triggered. Yup, you can sneakily screenshot a disappearing photo by following these methods.

Avoid Detection Using Another Camera 

The best way to avoid detection is by using another camera. You have that spare mobile phone, right? Put it to use and take a quick picture of the disappearing DM while still being displayed. As you are taking a picture from another phone that is not connected to your current mobile phone, Instagram will never notify you when you screenshot. But the main problem with this method is that taking photos from a second mobile phone may not yield good quality pictures. 

If picture quality is important for you, take a look at one of these alternative methods below. 

Avoid Detection Using Third-Party Apps

Several third-party apps are available on all major app stores that do screenshotting Instagram stories, feeds, and DMs to save them anonymously. Some of these apps need the URL  to screenshot a story, image, or video. of the image or video. Once you enter the URL, you can download, save and re-post as you like. Some other apps allow you only to download a post. Their ease of use may vary, though. Because the free ones will come laden with ads, and the premium ones will cost you a tiny amount. While it’s not illegal to use these apps, their use may violate Instagram’s TOS. 

Nevertheless, it won’t alert users when you screenshot their content which is the main purpose

Avoid Detection Using Airplane Mode 

Another way to avoid sending a notification of a screenshot of an Instagram upload is by using your phone’s Airplane Mode and then taking a screenshot. As your phone is essentially disconnected from the network when you are in Airplane mode, the Instagram app will not know anything about your cheeky activity. However, the downside of this method is that you can only screenshot one or two stories/DMs. This is because your phone has no internet connection. Also, if you want to take screenshots often, this may not be the best way, as repeatedly turning the Airplane mode on and off can be pretty annoying. 

Avoid Detection Using A Web Browser

Finally, you can check out Instagram of your crush via your phone’s browser and take a screenshot that way, without alerting its notification mechanism. At the moment, Insta doesn’t have any mechanism to track screenshots that you may take from a PC or phone’s browser.

Sure, many people don’t use Instagram on their browsers. Still, it’s a very straightforward and easy way to do your thing without sending a screenshot notification

Tools to Help Save Stories

Besides phone apps, there are also some software and chrome extensions you can use to save stories if you are using Instagram on a desktop. IG Stories for Instagram is one such Chrome extension. You can easily search for it online and then add it to your Chrome browser. Run the extension, and once you see the interface, you can use it to view stories live or just download them., Stories, Instagramer, StoryInsta, and Inshot Story saver are some such software/apps. 

Thus, if you typically screenshotted or screen recorded in the past, you can now try this tool.

Bonus: Eight Alternate Apps to Instagram 

For a long time, people have been hunting for Instagram alternatives. Moreover, certain users are unhappy with recent protection policy changes. Meanwhile, others have lost amusement in the app since Zuckerberg purchased it. 

Finally, some users generally want to try something new instead of browsing through a mix of pictures, videos, and, Insta Reels, etc. Thus, if that’s your case too, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve collected a list of Instagram-like applications with creative new features and improved content. As a result, here are the top eight Instagram replacements for you.


Snapchat Logo

Snapchat has cemented a top spot in the Insta alternative list. To discourage users from fleeing, Facebook cloned several of Snapchat’s features and put them on Instagram. Hence, stories, vanishing texts, filters, etc. are all available. 

Plus, the main attraction is that Snapchat has recently retooled its efforts and introduced new features like Discover, which is parallel to Instagram Feed.

Also, as we all know, Snapchat’s AR filters are far superior to those on Instagram. Furthermore,  Snap Map is also a terrific way to learn about upcoming events, breaking news, and other topics. 

To summarize, Snapchat is not just another social media app. Instead, it is one that may predict the future of social media in a few years, namely, short videos. Also, Snapchat, rather than Instagram, is better positioned to introduce revolutionary new features.


500px Logo

For photographers, 500px is certainly one of the finest Instagram alternatives. It brings together digital photography and ambitious shooters from various countries. However, it lacks several social media features such as Stories and Reels. 

Nevertheless, it does offer an “Explore” tab and the ability to create Quests, which are similar to Instagram Guides. The best thing is that 500px has a website where you can look at the best photos on a larger screen.

Keep in mind that on the free version, users may only upload 20 photographs each week. However, you may pay $25 yearly to upload as many photographs as you like with no restrictions. 

Overall, 500px is best suited for aspiring Instagram photographers seeking attention for their work.


Pinterest Logo

Pinterest isn’t the finest Instagram replacement, but it does provide several features that specialized users may find useful. If you use Instagram to discover new innovative ideas, Pinterest will provide you with far more relevant information. 

Thus, whether you’re seeking home design inspiration or a marriage theme, you’ll find it all on Pinterest. Therefore, it’s also a fantastic Instagram replacement website.

Furthermore, the portal has a plethora of DIY ideas, lifestyle suggestions, fashion styles, and so on. Moreover, you may also come up with your own design ideas and share them on Pinterest.

Plus, you can store your concepts, arrange them, categorize them, and broadcast them among your followers. Hence, if you’re one of these people, Pinterest is the place for you.


Tumblr Logo

Tumblr is among the first social media platforms, but it hasn’t gained the same traction as Facebook or Insta. Furthermore, Tumblr is commonly thought of as a microblogging site, but it can offer much more. For example, you may upload images, GIFs, movies, and other multimedia. 

Plus, you may use hashtags to search Tumblr. Moreover, you can connect with like-minded people thanks to private chat support. However, it doesn’t provide the Story feature.

We must mention here that Tumblr has gotten in trouble for having pornographic content on its site, but it was prohibited in 2018. Overall, it is a specialized social networking site that, when utilize properly, can be a great outlet.


Imgur Logo

Imgur is a popular photo-sharing service on the internet. If you’re looking for an Instagram website replacement, Imgur gets most of the job done. However, keep in mind that while Imgur is public, you may conceal your photographs and videos so that they are not searchable.

Hence, to share your work, you may establish a private link. In terms of usability, you can share pictures, clips, and GIFs and tag them to share with your community.

Imgur is essentially a nexus for meme-creators, so you can make use of it accordingly. The service features a fantastic explore option that enables you to search the web for viral material. 

Furthermore, Imgur now includes a chat tool, so you don’t need to worry about communication. Overall, if you make your account public, Imgur is a wonderful alternative to Instagram.



VSCO is one of the greatest photo apps for iPhone and Android. However, few people realize it also boasts a large creative community. Thus, you may share your work, interact with other artists, and find a wealth of unique material inside the community.

Moreover, it allows you to filter material using tags, geolocation, and other characteristics in the Discover tab.

The best feature is that VSCO recently introduced a video filter tool, making it a multi-media platform in itself. However, keep in mind that costly features such as video effects and sophisticated presets are only available with the subscription plan. 

To summarize, if you’re a skilled artist or photographer looking to connect, VSCO is a better option than Instagram. Moreover, it’s an excellent Instagram alternative program for Android & Apple.


SquadCam Group of Friends

SquadCam is the app you need if you’re looking for an Instagram-like app of Indian origin. The app’s user interface is similar to that of Instagram and Snapchat. 

Moreover, you may communicate with your friends, swipe left to locate your postings, stories, and trending material, and swipe right to view SquadCam-curated stories.

Plus, the UI is simple, and the hand motion UX is easy to use. Having said that, keep in mind that it has a significantly smaller user base than Instagram. As a result, the site has limited materials and producers. 

Additionally, the software is not yet accessible on iOS. Nevertheless, SquadCam is an excellent choice if you want to test out an Instagram alternative from South Asia.


Triller App

Triller is also a short-video tool that you may use instead of Instagram Reels. Moreover, it’s a virtual video platform where you can make unique and creative films. 

Also, Triller allows you to quickly produce professional-looking films and share them with your audience. Furthermore, it contains all of the functionality you’d expect from a good Instagram replacement app.

Final Thoughts

Screenshot Instagram stories, DMs, or posts without triggering a notification is very much possible. But you have to use one of the tricks we mentioned above to do so. Otherwise, every time you screenshot a disappearing direct message, Instagram will alert them, notifying them of your activity. Moreover, Instagram keeps on updating/changing its policies regarding screenshots. So, be sure to check back here from time to time to know the latest. We will keep updating this article if that happens. Good luck! 


How to screenshot a story without them knowing?

Simple, use one of the methods we mentioned above to do so. 

How to know if someone screenshots your Instagram post?

There’s no way to know if someone screenshots your Instagram post.

Can people tell if you screenshot Instagram’s story?

No, no one can tell if you screenshot their Instagram story. 

Can you screenshot your Instagram Story?

Yes, you can easily screenshot Instagram stories using any app, screenshot chrome extension, or software tool.

Does Instagram notify you when you screenshot a story?

No, Instagram does not notify you when you screenshot a story on their platform whether you are using it on a desktop or using their app.


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