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Top Gaming & Entertainment Startups for 2021

Portugal is slowly becoming a gaming hub. This has led to the emergence of many online gaming sites to cater to the rising number of players. Top Gaming & Entertainment Startups for 2021 The acceptance of online gaming has also been significant as many Portuguese players have embraced the sport. There are many emerging gaming

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valorant ranking system

How Valorant Ranking System Works – Ranking Explained

As Valorant’s first anniversary draws nearer, we have seen a surge of interest in the game. Notably, the ranking system. A spike in interest in the Valorant ranking system should come as no surprise considering the recent uptake in high-level Valorant eSports events.  But let us not get ahead of ourselves, for the uninitiated, let

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All You Need to Know About Wow Classic

Whether you are a kid or an adult, all of us enjoy games from time to time. When a large group gets together, we play board games, card games, or verbal games. All You Need to Know About Wow Classic But now, because of covid-19, no one has been able to meet and online games

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eSports Investment

A Useful Guide to Competitive Gaming & Investing in Esports

eSports: A Guide to Competitive Video Gaming  Despite COVID19 wrecking havoc with world economies, eSports is booming globally. Forbes magazine recently published the list of most valuable esports companies in 2021. According to the list, the average value of the world’s top teams jumped 9.9% as compared to the previous year. That’s a considerable margin

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Top eSport Teams

Forbes Unveils the List of the Top eSports Teams 2021

The Most Valuable eSports Companies 2021 Forbes magazine recently published its list of the most valuable Esports companies for 2021. And the list of the biggest names is not a shocker. Well, it will be a shocker if you haven’t been following the recent eSports scene. As expected, North America dominates (decimates?) the competition. Among

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Games in eSports

The Top eSports Games All Gamer Should Know

The eSports industry has grown into a massive industry. At the rate of its current growth, it is expected to surpass 1 Billion dollars in revenue in 2021, making it a billion-dollar industry. Going are the days of people underestimating video gaming as a legitimate career pursuit. If you’re passionate enough about one of the

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Profitable eSports Teams

The Best eSports Teams Around the Globe

Simply put, eSports stands for electronic sports. However, with at-home video gaming becoming a hot trend, the stakes have been raised from just child’s play. The competition is fierce, and the industry has become so strong that it is one of the very few to remain afloat during the pandemic.  Some of the best eSports

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survival game

5 Essential Tips for Escape from Tarkov New Players

Escape from Tarkov or EFT combines roleplay and shooting with an enthralling story set in a fictional city called Tarkov in Russia. 5 Essential Tips for Escape from Tarkov New Players There has been a conflict between the western and the Russian forces and your aim is to escape from the war zone which is

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Life of a Pro Gamer

Professional Gamers Salary: How Much Do They Make?

How Much Do Pro Gamers Make: The Truth Revealed Recent developments in the video gaming industry prove that it’s a viable career, one that involves quite a handsome amount of remunerations. Gaming has become a lucrative profession. However, as more and more people continue to opt for gaming as a career, the competition is getting

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eSports Tournament

The Incredible Growth of eSports [+eSports Statistics]

Growth of eSports Back in the days, the idea of being paid to game sounded like a fantasy. But thanks to the immense growth of the eSports industry, it’s now possible. From being called time-wasters and fiction hunters, the players in the eSports industry are having the time of their life. Why? Because the eSports

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