Keep Your iPhone or iPad Running Smoothly with RAM Cleaning

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iOS has a series of “hidden” tricks and settings that are not always known but can be very useful.

For example, we know how to slide to power off, reduce the size of the keyboard to write with one hand. But there are things that some of even the savviest tech geeks don’t know – How to Clean the random access memory on your iPhone or iPad without Restarting it.

Why do we have to clean the RAM on an iPhone or iPad?

The truth is that in rare cases it is required when the device works slow or an app is giving you problems, it is a convenient way to solve it. And it is that cleaning RAM means cleaning all the files and temporary settings of the system and the apps, as a kind of quicker and more comfortable restart.

Clearing the RAM on the iPhone or iPad can be very useful, although iOS is responsible for cleaning it automatically at every certain period of time, there may be cases where you have to do it manually. The steps are simpler than restarting the device completely:

  1. Make sure the iPhone or iPad is unlocked.
  2. Press the side button of the iPhone (or higher on the iPad) until the ‘Slide to turn off’ screen appears’.
  3. Press and hold the Home button for several seconds, until the device’s home screen appears again.
  4. After you press and hold the home button, you must wait for your device to return to the Home Screen.

Done, this should be enough for the RAM to be cleaned on your iPhone or iPad device. You will notice that the return to the Springboard is a little different than when you press a fast rock as if it started again. Likewise, the apps will remain open in the background, but upon entering them many will be loaded again as if they had been closed.

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And what about an iPhone model such as the iPhone X that does not have a Home button? Well, unfortunately, it is not as comfortable as in the iPhone with the accessibility assistive touch Home button. To do this we must hold the virtual Home button of the Assistive Touch. Once you activate the virtual home button of your Assistive Touch setting, you’ll be good to go.

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Bonus: Other iPad Hacks and Tricks

We’ve got a surprise for you if you’ve been looking for some helpful iPad hints to help you get the most out of your great tablet! Thus, we’re revealing our favorite best-kept secrets to make your iPad work for you and simplify your life.

Isn’t it hard to believe that the original iPad, released in 2010, has been on the market for 12 years? Since then, the most excellent iPads have gone through multiple iterations, transforming them into the world’s most versatile and handy tablets.

Moreover, the finest MacBooks and Macs may make your professional life more accessible. Additionally, an iPhone can keep you connected while you’re on the go. 

However, there’s something special about an iPad. It’s not as bulky or heavy as a laptop, making it ideal for carrying on vacations. Also, its screen is more significant than that of a smartphone, making Excel and Word easier to use.

In our opinion, the iPad is terrific! However, not every user knows the scope and depth of this brilliant device’s capabilities. 

That’s why we’ve compiled this collection of hidden jewels to assist you in making the most of this little beauty.

Assemble Your Apps

Are your applications strewn over several Home Screens? You can speed up your iPhone navigation by organizing them into categories for like-minded apps. 

Thus, you can even drag file folders to your Dock for quick access to your favorites. This way, we have Business and News folders for our most-frequented apps in ours.

Simply long-press an app icon, and choose Edit Home Screen. Next, pull it over to another app to create a folder. Consequently, you’ll see your folder if you let go.

Acquire Total Control

Swipe up from the Dock to display your recent applications with huge icons to make them simpler to recognize. This is one of our favorite iPad tips and tricks.

Hence, you may swipe an app upwards to close it or press on it to switch to it.

Booby-trapping the Content

Is there information on your iPad that you don’t want to slip into the wrong hands, like your top-secret plans for world dominance?  Simply Scroll down to Erase Data in Settings > Touch ID & Passcode.

If you have ten unsuccessful passcode tries, your iPad will erase data immediately. When your iPad is locked, you may also define which functions can be accessed.

Make Use of the Hidden Trackpad.

When you use two fingers to tap the on-screen keyboard in an app like Mail, it transforms into a trackpad. tHUS, the pointer moves as your fingers move. It’s a huge help when it comes to document editing.

Turn Off Notifications

Every program appears to want you to allow notifications. Moreover, some take full advantage of your confidence by bombarding you with unwelcome advertisements.

However, you may quiet them by heading to Settings > Notifications, customizing app notifications, and silencing particular apps.

Join a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Your iPad can connect to a virtual private network if you have one. Simply go to Settings, General, VPN, and fill in the appropriate information. Unlike VPN programs that may only secure data within particular apps, this option protects data throughout the whole system.

Arrange Your Internet Connection

By setting the Auto-Join Hotspot choice at the bottom of the screen in Settings > Wi-Fi, you may enable your iPad to connect your iPhone Personal Hotspot immediately.

You can also turn off the alerts when your iPad discovers a new wireless network in the Ask To Join Networks section.

Jot Down Energy Consumers

This is one of the most excellent iPad tips and tricks available for those concerned about our energy use.

Use Settings > Battery to see how your iPad’s energy performs and which applications drain it the most. This program list might help you find apps that are either excessively demanding or operating in the back that you are unaware of.

Enhance Your Chats with Emojis

Simply press the smiling face key in the bottom left corner of your iPad’s on-screen keyboard to utilize emoji. Next, to resume normal, tap ABC. 

What, no smileys? Select Emoji from the list under Settings > General > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard.

Get A Floating Keyboard

In landscap eorientation, the default iPad keyboard takes up a lot of space. Instead, press the keyboard symbol in the lower-left corner of the keyboard, and drag your finger over Float.

Consequently, the keyboard has shrunk significantly, and you may move it around by sliding its bottom border. Now, pinch it out with two fingers to restore it to its original size.

Use AirPlay to Stream

You may broadcast movies and music from your iPad to an AirPlay-capable device, such as an Apple TV or an AirPlay speaker. Thus, do this by pressing the AirPlay icon in Control Center. Next, look for an app like Tubio if your device isn’t AirPlay-enabled but has a competing system like Chromecast.

Take A Snapshot of the Page

If you push the Home and Sleep Wake button simultaneously (or the hold the Power button and Sound Up buttons if you don’t have a Home button), you’ll hear a click. The snapshot will automatically save to your Photos library. 

First, however, a thumbnail shows on the screen for a little moment. Next, touch on it to alter it before storing or sharing.

View Multiple Apps

The Slide Over app switcher is compatible with iPads starting with the iPad Air / iPad mini two, and allows you to switch between apps without exiting one rapidly. Your iPad remembers the applications you use in this mode for easier switching. Open the first program, then pull up from the bottom to see the Dock.

Drag the second app’s icon upwards while touching and holding it. It will now display in its panel. If you want to open an app while in Split View (later on), drag it to the boundary between the two open applications.

Alter Your Share Menu

The Share option in applications, which allows you to transfer data to printers, is another of our favorite iPad tips and tricks.

You may also edit it by tapping on it, scrolling right, and selecting “More” to discover which functions can switch on or off. 

Send to Paprika is one of our faves, and we use it to download recipes to our recipe app periodically.

Experimenting with Widgets

You can add Widgets to your iPad Home Screen to display calendar events, weather forecasts, news headlines, etc.

You may add widgets to your iPad by pressing and holding on to a vacant section of your initial Home Screen. If you change your mind, simply press and hold again, and each widget will have small circles with minus signs. The negative symbol is removed from your Home Screen by tapping it.

Use Mail to Send All Kinds of Stuff

A toolbar displays when you push and press an empty part of the message to enter stuff into it. For example, “insert a Photo or Video” will add a photo or video from your Photos collection. Furthermore, “Document” will add files from iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or other installed storage applications. You may also use the camera to scan a document or add a doodle to Mail.

Manage Your Storage

Even the most giant iPad may quickly get clogged with photographs, applications, and movies. So that’s where your iPad comes in. You can view what’s using up space by going to Settings > General > iPad Storage.

Moreover, you may now make various modifications, including unloading any no longer in use applications. This uninstalls the program from your iPad but maintains the logo and data; when you need it again.

So, simply tap on it to resume where you left off. You may also remove programs that you don’t use anymore.

Continue Adding Symbols Without Pausing.

You may add commas and symbols to your typing without leaving the ABC keyboard. Thus, swipe off on a letter to type the character present at the top. For example, swipe down on the A key to obtain a @ sign; swipe down on the comma key to get an exclamation mark. 

By long-pressing a key, you may add accents for various languages. For example, if you long-press A, you’ll get possibilities, such as ae, â, etc.

Get Full Camera Control

Is the camera focussing on the incorrect object or measuring light from the wrong location? No worries: simply press the relevant item or location, and the device will refocus and re-meter itself.

You may turn on or off Smart HDR mode in Settings > Camera for wide dynamic range images. They’re great for dramatic shots like rain on sunny days.

Obtain images from your device or memory card

Although the iPad lacks an SD card port, you may transfer photographs directly from your digital camera’s memory card. Further, you can do this by using a Lightning or USB-C to SD Card Reader adapter. 

Moreover, similar adapters that allow you to connect USB devices such as flash drives or instruments are also available.


This covers most tricks you can try on your iOS device. Moreover, once you try the extra hacks you can return to clear RAM on your phone.

Additionally, you might notice that sometimes your iPad screen will flash blank. Further, it will flash blank and then return to normal. 

This could either be a hardware or software issue, so you should get it checked.

Isn’t this a good tip? I hope this article will help you solve the minor problems that causing on your iPhone or iPad devices. If you have any questions regarding the above method, let us know in the below comment box and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your issues.

Which iPhone or iPad are you using now?