How to Open a Coffee Shop in the State of Texas

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Texas is a land of opportunity! With the right business idea, you can make it big in the Lone Star state. Owning a coffee shop is one of the more popular business ventures in Texas and with good reason.

How to Open a Coffee Shop in the State of Texas

Texans love their caffeine, but they also appreciate authenticity.

Coffee shops offer a relaxed atmosphere where people can talk about current events, discuss politics, or relieve workday stress through casual conversation.

If that sounds appealing to you, then consider how to open a coffee shop in Texas! Here are the essentials on how to open a coffee shop business in Texas:

Invest in Business Insurance

You’ll need a lot of help to open a coffee shop, but there are some things you can’t outsource. One example is insurance, which is not obligatory in Texas but is still recommended.

Small business insurance in Texas helps you protect your business from damages, injuries, and lawsuits. It can be a huge financial burden to fix the damaged property or pay for a person’s medical bills because of your gross negligence.

With business insurance, you won’t have to make those tough decisions alone.

Find the Best Location

Coffee shops are usually small businesses, so the best place to start is by finding a location that’s already popular.

It needn’t be in a high-traffic area; a coffee shop can thrive even in an out-of-the-way spot as long as it’s located near a cluster of homes or businesses frequented by people looking for a place to relax.

In Texas, you’re most likely to find this type of location in an established residential or retail district. When scouting out potential locations, consider some factors such as (but not limited to) visibility, parking availability, noise level, and foot traffic.

Get Licenses and Permits

Before you sign the lease on your dream location, you’ll probably need to get some licenses and permits. Business licenses are obligatory in every state, so be sure to check with the Texas Secretary of State website for eligibility information.

Depending on factors like where you plan to open the shop, what type of business it is, how much money you intend to invest in the location, and how many employees you plan to hire, a business license might be all you need.

Other licenses and permits can depend on factors like the location’s zoning laws (e.g., whether or not it falls within a commercial area), local regulations (e.g., fire safety codes), and state-issued policies (e.g., food safety laws).

Decide on Your Menu Items and Hours of Operation

The menu items you offer will determine how much money you need to start a coffee shop in Texas. To help make this decision, ask yourself what kind of drinks and food your customers would prefer.

Most coffee shops focus on selling beverages like espresso, drip coffee, tea, hot chocolate, blended drinks like smoothies or frappuccinos, and cold drinks like iced coffee and soda.

Some popular items for food include sandwiches, pastries, salads, soups, breakfast food (like bagels), baked goods (like muffins or croissants), and other desserts.

A neat and comprehensive way to display your menu is through digital displays for cafes. You can also utilize these displays to show daily offers, loyalty schemes, and ingredients of your drinks.

Design Your Space

In the early days, you’ll probably be doing the bulk of your business through takeout orders. That means you won’t need much in terms of seating and decoration.

However, think about how much space you have for a potential dining area or patio if outdoor seating is available. This will help you decide on what furniture to purchase and how much supplies will cost.

If you want to customize the design, find an interior designer with experience in coffee shops (or one that’s a fan of them). This way, you can be sure your shop is unique and functional.

Hire the Right Employees

As a small business owner, you’ll probably be doing most of the work. However, you should also hire employees to take care of specialized tasks and allow you time to focus on other areas.

Employees can include (but aren’t limited to) baristas, cashiers, servers, dishwashers, bussers/runners, cleaners, and porters. Before you hire anyone, be sure to check their references and make sure they’re legally eligible to work in the United States.

Additionally, consider the work hours you’ll need them based on when you plan to open and close.

Final Thoughts

There are endless things to consider when thinking about starting a coffee shop in Texas. Fortunately, you can tackle things one step at a time and better plan for success.

Keep these tips in mind as you learn more information and start working on your business plan. As long as you’re informed and confident in your decisions, you should be able to open a coffee shop that’s successful and becomes the talk of the town.


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