Is Cryptocurrency Proof of Our Over reliance on Technology?

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I am one of those people who still remember what it is like to either wait for the news at 6 pm on the television or read the newspaper in the morning, to know what is happening around the world.

The telephone was still a bundle of long springy wires and typically placed on a table or wall with a chair next to it, and a notepad nearby. Today, everything can be done from the comfort of your couch.

Cellphones, while they’ve been around for a long time, are now considered a norm rather than a luxury.

Some may argue that the lack of struggle with our day-to-day activities allowed us to forget certain values that were learned through the processes of old.

The internet and portable devices effectively allow us to have the world in our pockets. Our technological advancements today essentially include connecting your home to the internet so everything can be done remotely.

Impact of Technology

Which, if you think about it, would have sounded more like a sci-fi idea thirty years ago, when the internet was entering the mainstream. But would we be able to make our way through life without our technological luxuries?

We now have people in the workforce who are part of a generation who have never experienced dial-up internet. How will that affect the way multiple generations approach the same tasks at work, and what is better?

A huge development through technology is the speed of financial movement. At any time in my day, I can purchase a pair of shoes from the other side of the world.

While this is not exactly brand new technology, there are far more avenues for it today than there ever was (and it’s still growing!).

One of those newer ways is cryptocurrency. Going with our current thesis, cryptocurrency can be the penultimate symbol of our reliance on technology.

It could be the next and biggest development in how we see money and value as a whole.

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Starting from simple trading to Gold, to FIAT, now cryptocurrency, a fully computerized medium of exchange for goods. Currently, cryptocurrencies are valued at exchange rates to the US Dollar, then converted to the currency of where you are.

However, what cryptocurrencies can possibly, and eventually offer, is a trustless system. This means that they are unconnected to a specific nation or government.

A completely globalized currency that eradicates exchange rates between countries may sound a little over the top, but the possibility is there.

Returning to the question of overreliance, are we ready for that kind of responsibility? Change and transition for any system are never seamless.

We will be dealing with a new kind of criminals, pirates, and scams. All of which will be faceless and nameless, because that is possible with the technology we have today.

These new dangers will leave people and businesses wide open, unless there is a certain level of security that is, at the very least, equal to the threats that it is meant to oppose.

Creating a whole new system with our digital and technological advancements at the center of our personal and social advancements.

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I personally believe that we are very much over-reliant on technology. Is that such a bad thing, and is it different from how people have always been? Technology, at the end of the day, is just a tool. Tools only go as far as how the user sees fit.


The dangers and the conveniences always rest with the decisions of the people wielding the tools. In the case of cryptocurrency, it is definitely a useful tool that can break barriers between people. However, it does prove a certain over-reliance on technology.

We must be wary and responsible in how we manage and make use of the tools we have, and that is no different with the growth of cryptocurrency.


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