Dealing with PR issues: a Clearway Law case study

Dealing with PR issues: a Clearway Law case study

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Clearway Law stands as a beacon of innovation and resilience. Just two years prior, this company faced daunting PR challenges, navigating through turbulent waters with a strong PR strategy.

Today, it thrives, exemplifying the power of effective crisis management and the unyielding drive toward business excellence. Here’s a glimpse into their journey.

Transforming Troubles into Triumphs

Initially, Clearway grappled with PR issues that threatened its very foundation. However, leveraging their strong leadership and a cohesive, strategic response, they turned potential downfall into a stepping stone for success. Instead of backing down, Clearway doubled down on its mission.

Key to this transformation was their commitment to transparency, accountability, and a steadfast focus on their core mission: to democratize access to legal services. The company believed that the public would see that it was using indexing public information, for good.

Leadership at the Helm

At the core of Clearway’s turnaround was its leadership. Alistair Vigier, the CEO, alongside notable its lead investor, Rian Gauvreau of Clio fame, and a host of skilled developers and advisors, steered the company with a vision that was both ambitious and grounded. The company is heavily based on the success story. That company sold for $1 billion to Internet Brands around 2017.

Their approach wasn’t just about damage control; it was about reinforcing their commitment to providing value to both the legal community and the public.

Innovative Solutions as a Response

Clearway Law’s response to its challenges was multifaceted, centring on enhancing its offerings and solidifying its market position. They didn’t just aim to fix their reputation; they sought to elevate their brand to new heights. 

By developing advanced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, and introducing tiered pricing models for their services, they not only addressed their immediate concerns but also laid the groundwork for.

SEO and Market Presence

A significant part of Clearway’s strategy involved doubling down on its SEO efforts and bolstering its online presence. Understanding the power of visibility in the digital age, they optimized their platform to ensure that lawyers and clients alike could easily find and engage with their services. This move wasn’t just about recovery; it was about claiming a leadership position in the legal tech space.

Engaging the Community

Community engagement took center stage as Clearway navigated its way out of PR turmoil. Through forums, Q&A sessions, and transparent communication, they rebuilt trust and established themselves as a company that genuinely cares about its users’ needs. This emphasis on community wasn’t just a tactic; it was a reflection of Clearway’s core values.

Clearway now has 1.3 million lawyers on its website and 200k monthly users! It also went to market with it’s first paid product, premium lawyer profiles, in January 2024.

Broadening Horizons

Clearway Law’s vision extended beyond just overcoming its PR issues. With eyes set on the future, they explored opportunities in other sectors, indicating their ambition to apply their successful template across various professional services. This forward-thinking approach showcased their resilience, not just in overcoming challenges but in seizing opportunities for expansion and innovation.

A Testament to Growth

Today, Clearway Law is a testament to what businesses can achieve when faced with adversity. From grappling with PR issues to becoming a leading name in legal tech, their journey is one of remarkable transformation. 

They have proven that with the right mix of leadership, innovation, and community engagement, challenges can indeed be turned into opportunities for unparalleled growth and success.

Clearway’s story is more than just a case study in dealing with PR issues; it’s a narrative of resilience, vision, and unwavering commitment to making legal services more accessible. As they continue to innovate and expand, their journey serves as an inspiring blueprint for companies navigating the complex waters of public relations and market leadership.