Trick to Delete Sent WhatsApp Messages (Up to Five Days Later)

Trick to Delete Sent WhatsApp Messages (Up to Five Days Later)

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WhatsApp has recently announced that we can delete the sent messages within the seven minutes of the message sent. It is quite nice, but what if we want to delete the message after 10 minutes or 1 day? Is it possible to delete the sent WhatsApp message after the 7 minutes of the margin time? And the answer is Yes! We can delete the sent messages in WhatsApp up to 5 days of the time. Awesome isn’t it? To do this, we will reveal the trick to extend the deletion time of the WhatsApp messages.

Trick to Delete Sent WhatsApp Messages Up to Five Days Later

This trick allows you to skip the limit set by WhatsApp. 

Trying to cut to the chase, we have to clarify several aspects of this trick to eliminate old WhatsApp messages sent several days ago. To begin with, the limit is five days; further, the application will give you an error and will not allow you to delete them as indicated by the web of its discoverers. It is much more than the official seven minutes and should certainly be enough margin.

In addition, we are also forced to clarify that this anomaly is due to the inability of WhatsApp to know what time it is if it is not connected to the network. When you disconnect your mobile from the Internet, the messaging application simply trusts what your device says. If you indicate that it is December 21, 1984, you have no choice but to believe it.

It is not known how long it will be possible to “cheat” the app in this way, although for now, you can exploit the failure as much as you want. It works on iOS and Android.

Steps to delete the sent WhatsApp message up to 5 Days of Extended time

Activate Airplane Mode and completely close WhatsApp

The first thing you have to do is to be able to erase messages from WhatsApp days after sending them is to activate Airplane Mode. You can do it from the Settings or directly from the notification bar. Both in iOS and Android is something you can do in just five seconds.

If you do not completely deactivate your wireless connections, you can not make the application believe that the date and time are completely different. 

In the case of Android, it is necessary to close the application “killing” it from the settings and Applications. There, select WhatsApp and click Close or Force Close. Depending on the version of the OS that you have, you will reach this menu in one way or another.

Change the date and time of your device

Now that your mobile and WhatsApp have been totally disconnected from the Internet, it is time to carry out the deception. You have to go to the Date and Time Settings and disable the automatic time. This option is what makes, for example, that your mobile update the time when it touches, taking as reference the one provided by the network.

You can change the date up to five days before and delete WhatsApp messages without problems. Never again, because the application will detect that there is an error with the date and will prevent you from cancelling what you have written.

Delete any message from WhatsApp up to five days after

Now you have made WhatsApp believe that you are on a completely different date from the real one. In addition, the app has no way to verify that it is being tricked. This means that you can enter freely and delete any message you have sent in the last days without any problems.

Up to five days later you can delete the WhatsApp message you want, but remember: do not deactivate Airplane Mode until you have done so. 

The limitation we have found is that you can only delete messages up to 7 days ago (sometimes a couple of days or so). If the phone is changed to a much older date (one month, for example), WhatsApp will display a warning forcing to update the date to open the application. Obviously, this will prevent deleting messages from that date.

This WhatsApp bug has also been tested in the latest version 2.17.395 for Android. 

In which mobile do you use WhatsApp account?