How Delivery Route Planner Apps Increase Your Delivery Efficiency During Peak Season

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Getting items to customers on time is crucial to a company’s reputation and success.

To ensure you always deliver on time, barring unavoidable issues, your operations need to be super-efficient. By utilizing the features of route planner apps, you can increase your delivery efficiency.

Efficient deliveries are crucial at all times of the year, but especially so during the peak holiday season when roads are rammed and customers are awaiting gifts for their loved ones.

So, if you have yet to adopt the power of route planning apps, it is about time you did so. Let’s take a closer look at how the apps increase delivery efficiency during the peak season.

Route Planner Apps Provide Real-Time Optimized Routes

Route planner apps do not just show drivers the shortest routes to take between two locations as GPS does, although that in itself helps to create greater efficiency.

They also optimize routes, taking into consideration the number of stops that are required and finding the most efficient way of getting from one point to another in real-time.

New Optimized Routes Are Created as Necessary

Because route planner apps utilize real-time data, routes can also be automatically altered to find new optimal routes after taking traffic accidents, congestion, and poor weather conditions into account.

That means, regardless of the road conditions, your drivers will always be on the route that is the most efficient.

In turn, that means drivers will almost always deliver packages on time. And as you will know, consistently delivering on time is the key to a successful courier business.

Peak seasons are notorious for delays and late arrivals, so don’t let your company fall behind.

When Customers Can Track Their Orders, It Reduces the Redelivery Rate

The best route planning apps enable customers to track their orders.

That is great for the customers because it means they always know the status of their orders and do not have to wait at home all day long. Providing customers with real-time tracking updates leads to customer satisfaction and retention as well.

Tracking also enables your delivery service to be more efficient. For example, when customers know precisely when their items will arrive, they are much more likely to be in when your drivers deliver.

That significantly reduces the time it takes to redeliver packages.

Proof-Of-Delivery Helps to Resolve Disputes Quickly

Top-quality route planner apps come with proof-of-delivery features. That includes things like getting a customer signature or uploading a photograph of where a package has been left.

By using proof-of-delivery features, you can much more quickly resolve any disputes that arise with customers or drivers. And by saving time on disputes, your operations become more efficient.

Dispatchers Become More Efficient When They Use Route Planner Apps

Route planner apps do not just make your drivers’ lives easier. They also make dispatchers’ jobs easier.

Dispatchers are still needed when you use route planning apps. They are needed to keep an eye on everyday operations and quickly handle any issues that may arise. But they can do that much more efficiently with route planners.

When dispatchers are working efficiently, drivers on the road will also be more efficient in their tasks. With route planning or vehicle scheduling software, dispatchers can keep an eye on the exact positions of drivers and ensure they are not taking any unauthorized breaks.

They can also get statistical reports about drivers and deliveries. By analyzing analytical data, new solutions can be found to resolve problems and create even more efficient operations.


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