How to Design a Website That Attracts: 5 Tips 

How to Design a Website That Attracts: 5 Tips 

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Designing a website is an important task. When customers come to a website, the first thing they notice is the website design and accessibility. And a proper website design also plays a big part in that. One click accessibility is very much important these days and it has to be user-friendly.
Most customers leave websites that are not engaging and are not designed properly. Your website design also represents your business identity and credibility.

Your audience’s first impression comes from your website, so it’s imperative to create a website that attracts customers and caters to their needs.

5 Tips to Design a Website That Is Attractive

There are a lot of tips that can help you create a website that attracts people, but here we will talk about five essential tips which are fundamental to creating a beautiful website:

1.  Make Your Website User-Friendly

When you’re creating a website, you’re allowing people to access your business through a screen. You should be mindful of the users who will be logging on to your website, and it should be user friendly.

You should create a website that allows your customers to have the easiest experience. This will make customers stay on your site longer and improve your engagement and reach. And for that, you can always take help from renowned platforms like UX Design.

2. Colours

The colours you choose for your website have a lot of impacts. It is what makes a website visually appealing. Colours are what catches our eyes.

For example, we stop to watch a flower of beautiful colour, or we admire a clothing item of a colour we haven’t seen before.

Colours make us stop and take a moment to admire them. Your website’s colour palette should be something that makes someone stop and stare while still being in sync with the brand’s theme.

There are many psychological factors present when it comes to colours, so researching and finding the colour that attracts customers and makes your website look beautiful is a must.

3. Images and Graphics

Most websites used to have stock photos to make their website look more creative. But stock photos do not look authentic and credible.

Most businesses use their creativity to click pictures for decorating their website. It doesn’t even cost much nowadays to hire a photographer.

Using your pictures in your websites make it look natural and authentic and show the customer that you’re invested in this and put effort into creating something yourself.

4. Product Videos

If you’re selling something online, your customers must have doubts about your products, how to use them, and their quality.

If the customer is feeling unsure, they will leave your website. A website’s layout and design are essential, of course, but specific things also help attract customers.

Including product videos in your website will assure the customer of your product and its usability. It’ll also attract more customers to your website to see the product before actually buying it.

Keep your product videos concise and to the point to not throw off the balance of your website.

5. Formatting Your Website and Using Correct Jargon

Your website’s font should be easy to read, clear and attractive. Your website’s content should be readable.

Do not use too many fonts, as your customers will get confused and form a negative impression of your website.

Use section headers on your websites. It increases visibility and helps the customer find what they want. Product descriptions, headers, and paragraphing give your website a structure.

Your content should not feel like a robot wrote it. People engage better when they feel at ease with the tone of writing.

A friendly tone will make it easier for people to understand what you’re trying to say on your website. An impersonal, robotic tone will only drive the customers away.

Final Thoughts

Creating a beautiful website will attract valuable traffic and increase your engagement and reach. To create a website that attracts you, you must invest in it. If people like the design of your website, they will spend more time there, and your investment will be worth it.

These tips are a few, but incorporating them while creating your website will maximize output from that website and make it look attractive.


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