7 Ways to Dominate Rocket League

7 Ways to Dominate Rocket League

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Rocket League is one of the most competitive and active games in the world. With over 10 million copies sold, it has become one of the most successful indie games of all time, and new players are constantly flooding the field.

But with so many experienced players already out there, new players might feel discouraged, or over-matched, asking themselves, “Why can’t I get the hang of this?!”

Here are some tips and tricks to start dominating Rocket League matches!

Be Patient with Yourself

The first tip, and probably the most important: don’t get discouraged in the beginning.

There’s no other game like Rocket League. Its use of vehicles, soccer-like gameplay, physics, and timing is completely different than most other competitive games, so you can’t expect to have a proper ‘feel’ for Rocket League when you start. It’s completely new!

Give yourself a chance to learn the game, build muscle memory, and have fun. That’s what games are all about, anyway … amirite??

Play the tutorials

Rocket League has a series of tutorials built into the game to help new players. They range from beginner to advanced, focusing on mechanics and techniques.

They will not only teach you basic movement and rules, but advanced play styles to help you practice and prepare for the big game.

You might ask yourself, why play tutorials when I can just play a match? A fair question. But the tutorials not only teach you new skills but allow you to practice in open areas for as long as you want.

Practice makes perfect…

And perfect means WINS.

Buy an Elite Controller

An elite controller is another valuable asset to any successful Rocket League player. Most traditional controllers will have you remove your thumb from the joystick to pressing another button. This forces gamers to be quick, and temporarily give up control from one of the most important buttons. Not a great trade-off!

Many gaming companies produce something called ‘an elite controller’. These controllers have paddle buttons on the back of the controller, meaning you can access movements (like jump, boost, slide) while keeping your thumbs on the joysticks.

It’s a mandatory buy for serious players, but still a great option for casual players. These controllers are often expensive, but also go on sale.

So keep your eyes peeled for deals – if an elite controller sounds like the upgrade you need!

Play with a team

Like any real sport, Rocket League is about teamwork. You can’t expect to go out there alone, hold the ball, and score. Using teamwork will immediately set you apart from other players. But how do you build a team?

Play with friends! Rocket League is free to play on many platforms, so your friends have no excuse to ignore your game invites!

Playing with friends will allow you to communicate with your teammates, organize on the field, and set up those picture-perfect goals.

However, if your friends aren’t willing to play, there are other options. Maybe you played an online match with a stranger and felt in tune. Send them a game message! Invite them to your friend’s list!

Maybe they’ve been looking for that special-rocket-league-someone, too. You guys can build and team, practice together, and dominate.

The last option is to use the internet. There are tons of people chatting and playing Rocket League online. Maybe you noticed a great player from Twitch or YouTube. Why not send them a message and ask to play?

Or visit a Discord server dedicated to Rocket League. There are people all over the internet trying to find other players. Don’t be afraid to reach out, make friends, and enjoy the game together.

Just be careful on the internet. Always protect your identity, never give out passwords or account information, and you will be fine.

Two Modes of Viewing

A lot of new players don’t know Rocket League has two modes for the camera.

The first mode locks the camera onto the game ball. The second allows you to look wherever you want. Knowing the difference is a key tip for newcomers.

You can’t always stare at the ball. Sometimes you need to know what’s ahead of you to race up the field without being hit by other players. But sometimes, you need to know exactly where the ball is – especially if it’s high up in the air and you’re waiting for it to come down to the ground.

When you play Rocket League, use both camera modes often and learn when to switch. It’s more of a ‘gut feeling, but professionals are constantly switching between the two camera modes to win games. Again, practice makes perfect!

Hit Other Players

A huge part of Rocket League is combat. You can bump enemy players out of the way with your car. You can also destroy other players – by using your boost and hitting enemy vehicles directly.

It’s easy to be overly focused on reaching the ball, but fighting other players can give you the winning edge. Imagine how much easier it is to control the ball when nobody is chasing you! Always balance your gameplay!

Learn from the professionals

The final tip, and maybe one of the most important, is to learn from the best. Lots of great Rocket League players are posting gameplay to YouTube and Twitch, and I suggest watching the content. They probably use moves and techniques you’ve never even dreamt of!

After watching and learning from these players, you can visit the tutorials and practice alone on the field with the ball to yourself.

You can also practice in real matches. But it’s important to learn from the greats, and use that information to beef up your own game. Never be afraid to learn!

What now?

Get out there and play Rocket League using our tips!

Practice, practice, practice; and be sure to check out the link below for great deals on Rocket League credits to purchase cool vehicle bodies – because when you win, you always want to look good doing it!