Facebook New Dislike Button leads to Scam and Crashes your System

Facebook New Dislike Button leads to Scam and Crashes your System

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Hey, guys! Recently we all got to know that the Facebook team is working to add the Facebook Dislike button to all our Facebook profiles.

How the Facebook New Dislike Button Leads to Scams and System Crashes

It may happen in the future but as of now, there is no method to add the Facebook dislike button to our profiles. So, please don’t fall for any tricks or scams on Facebook. Many of them were trying to hijack your computer or trying to hack your profile with this trick.

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Facebook Scam of Getting Dislike Button on our Profile

Whenever a small announcement was given by the Facebook publicly many of them were ready to play tricks and leads to a new scam. I suggest everyone to not to fall for such tricks. Our Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that there are few obvious moments in life where people do not want to ‘Like’ Posts and they want to express their feelings of empathy. He confirmed that the social network team was working on such technology but didn’t say that it is actually a dislike.

This feature is still in development mode, but it has arrived on Facebook by the Scammers that are making use of this announcement to help spread malware on users systems. These scammers are sending links through direct chat and sharing links in facebook groups and walls saying “Get newly introduced Facebook dislike button your Facebook profile” etc. When you click on the link or try to download any files from them,  you will be attacked with malware virus which crashes your entire system.
As you can see in the above image, it is totally done by the scammers. It compels you to take quick decision of activation of Facebook Dislike button by showing an invitation timer. This is called mind game as if they won’t give you a time to take a decision. Beware from such scams.
If you click on the link that is sent by the scammers, users are redirected to a web page where they are asked to fill out the surveys that results in the collection of users personal data and Facebook account ID and Password. The information which is collected by them may be misused to send the malicious links to affect users friends list and spread the scheme further as before.

Beware of Scam and share with your Friends

From next time if you see such links in your chat box or on your Facebook walls just avoid clicking them and report them to the Facebook team as it is spam.
If you are curious to know about Facebook dislike button like how it works? how does it look like? etc. Then stay tuned to our website. We will update each and every update for you. Never fall for scams. Beware and educate your friends with this article.
If you have any experiences regarding the same issue let us know in your comments below. If you want to know any new updates comment below, we will reply as soon as possible to update them.