Earning Your Words: The Top Paying Sites for Article Writers

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Everyone wants to make money online without investment. So, here I am going to list some Genuine websites which pay for writing articles.

Genuine Websites That Pay Content Writers Real Time for Writing Articles

This article is mainly helpful for freelance writers. Content writers are very crucial for every blog. This article would be a great fest and opportunity for Freelance writers. The concept is the same in every website i.e., writing articles or tutorials. So, just go with all the websites to get some good penny.

1. Developer tutorials:

 This is a programming and web design blog. In this blog, we can submit articles related to programming to web design. Almost we can earn from $30 to $50 for a list of articles and $50 to $100 for tutorials. This website allows you to get a bio with a link back to your blog or website. This will be very positive to our blogs. Payment is done through PayPal.

2. Audio tuts :

This is an audio tuts website which offers people writing opportunities. You can easily make $50 by giving a “Quick Tip” for the audio tuts+ website. Minimum of 500 words are needed for the article to submit here. Payment is done through PayPal and Moneybookers.

3. PSD tuts:

This is a photoshop niche. If you are an expert at photoshop or if you have any tricks then this is the right place where you can write articles and gain lots of money for that. You can get paid almost $50 to $100. Payment is done through PayPal and Moneybookers.

4. 1st Web designer:

This is of a multi-type of blog which is of design, a freelancing, and blogging. You can get paid around $50 to $75. This awesome for the designers, freelancers and also bloggers. Payment is done through PayPal and Moneybookers.

5. World Start:

This website is about computer tricks. You get paid around $ 25 to $ 80 according to the words per article. Payment is done through PayPal and checks for those who are in the US.

6. Pro Blog Design:

This website is a design and programming niche. You can get paid around $100 for listed and general articles and $125 for complicated articles. Payment method is PayPal and Moneybookers.

7. Writers Weekly:

This website is a making money niche which pays $40 to $60 for articles you submit. So, this is simply cool and easy to make it.

8. One Spoon At A Time:

This website is writing, blogging, marketing, and product creation niche. You can get paid around $50 per article. Payment method is PayPal.

9. Make A Living Writing:

This website is a make money writing niche which pays $50 for the article you have submitted and it should get accepted by them to get paid. Payment method is PayPal.

10. Rock Solid Finance:

This website is a money making, small business, and issues niche. You can get paid maximum of $50 for the article you have written around 400 to 1000 words. You will get paid for accepted articles.
These are the most genuine websites which pay for writing articles. I hope this would be very helpful to all the people who are working as content writers and freelance writers.
Still, I have a huge collection of websites which pays genuinely. Will provide that list in the upcoming posts. Just follow the blog for more updates or subscribe to us.
If you know any other website which pays you just share it in your valuable comments.