Google Offers Whooping Rs. 1.27 Crore Salary Package to a Delhi Boy, Sets a New Record!

Google Offers Whooping Rs. 1.27 Crore Salary Package to a Delhi Boy, Sets a New Record!

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Google, the tech giant offers a whopping salary package for a student of Delhi Technology University. Chetan Kakkar, a Delhi boy has set a new record for international placement for Delhi Technological University by grabbing a whopping $1,90,000 offer from Google that translates to Rs 1.27 crore per annum. Like many other ordinary Indians, Chetan Kakkar is a final year engineering student from Delhi Technological University. But don’t be conned by looking at that innocent face. There’s an IT mastermind behind that facade.
Google Offers Highest Package for Delhi Boy
The salary package for his job has broken international records for Indian placements. Chetan has broken records by bagging an exceptionally large salary offer. According to a report in the Times of India, Chetan Kakkar is an alumnus of Springdales, Pusa Road and the Delhi boy claims that his education at the DTU campus has made a great difference to his prospects which has influenced him a lot and helped him to get this job. Kakkar with great rapture said that he will move to California and join Google after completing his course in 2016.

Chetan Sets a Record for Indian Placements

One must set their goals and strive hard to achieve them and make dreams come true. This is what exactly this Delhi boy did. Chetan, an Indian student has set a new record by grabbing a whopping salary package from the tech giant. The offer made by Google to him is one of the highest salary packages offered during campus placements at the Delhi Technological University. DTU is known for specialising in IT and Computer Science department. The highest offer made so far in DTU campus has been Rs 93 lakh. Chetan has broken the records.

“This was what I had been striving so far and I am excited to join Google,” said Kakkar.

Kakkar’s parents are both lecturers at Delhi University. His mom Rita Kakkar is a part of the chemistry faculty while father Subhash Kakkar teaches Management Studies.  This is not the first time Google has made such offers to students. In December 2014, a 21-year-old B-Tech student of IIT Indore, Gaurav Agarwal, had bagged a job with Google at an annual salary package of Rs. 1.7 crore.

Other Tech Giants Offering Huge Package

Google is not the only company offering huge salary package but also, there are many other tech giants that are offering lucrative job offers for the Indian students. The social media giant, Facebook has also offered profitable job offers for the Indian students.
In 2014, Facebook has offered the highest package of Rs 1.42 crore each for three students at a premier IIT-B on the first day of the placements. Some others from DTU who got placed in major companies are Nitin Aggarwal placed in Directi, Amit Roy Chaudhary, Jatin Goel placed in Expedia, Sanchit Abrol, Nirmal Kumar placed in the tech giant Microsoft.
Working in Google is altogether an unusual experience for every individual. According to a recent survey,  the first and final goal of an Indian techie is to work with the search engine giant. Also, the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai is an Indian and it probably means that Indian students will get a good chance to get placed in the prominent tech giant.

This is what his office might just look like!!

Google in California
His Office Might Look Unique and Decorative!
Google Office in California
Wanna Relax at Work? This is the Perfect Place!
Wanna Take a Break..? Go for it!!
Google Office Inside
All the Best Chetan