Why Hiring a Mailchimp Expert Will Be Your Most Rewarding Decision in 2022

Why Hiring a Mailchimp Expert Will Be Your Most Rewarding Decision in 2022

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The last two years stand witness to the true power of email marketing as it continues to perform as the best digital marketing channel despite the pandemic. In fact, it helps businesses beat the ongoing privacy concerns while building a personal connection with leads. You can count on email marketing to engage and retain existing clients, provide them with support, and address their concerns.

If we talk about the benefits of email marketing, we might have to post a separate blog or even an ebook. But the big question is, are you leveraging email marketing enough in 2022? Most probably, you might be using the ESP tool from Mailchimp (given its market share) with a couple of free Mailchimp email templates.

But in order to unlock its true potential, you need to leverage features like multi-level nested automation workflows, dynamic segmentation, hyper-personalized drip campaigns, and so on. That’s exactly why you need to hire a Mailchimp expert, and it is definitely going to be one of the most rewarding decisions of this year. So let us explore some of the most promising reasons to hire a Mailchimp expert in 2022:

#1 a Mailchimp Expert Can Help You With a Proper List Building, Data Collection Strategy

One of the areas of concern during any email audit is the ambiguity around list building strategy. Also, many businesses fail to master the art of consent-based data collection, which leaves their email campaigns hardly useful. Remember, even if you are getting a decent ROI at the moment, lacking the ability to use data for making informed decisions is equal to a loss.

Also, list building is another area where you need to make the right decisions, as your results depend on the quality of your email list. A Mailchimp expert can bring immense value as they have vast experience of dealing with these aspects for multiple companies.

#2 a Mailchimp Expert Can Tell You How to Exactly Structure Your Automation Workflows

Automation workflows are among the best yet trickiest aspects of ESP tools. A Mailchimp expert can help build the right workflow automation structure for conversion rate optimization. This includes everything right from the send times to frequency, setting triggers, using subscriber data, and past interactions.

This is instrumental to developing a great subscriber experience, and it also helps fix any leaks in your sales funnel. As a result, you can make the most out of your existing subscriber base and establish yourself as one of the best senders in their inboxes.

#3 A Mailchimp Expert Can Streamline Marketing Operations For Your Company

Anyone who has laid their hands on email marketing or even any form of digital marketing knows that you need to don a lot of hats. At times, it will overwhelm your marketing team, and that’s exactly where an email marketing expert saves the day (literally the campaign) for you! They can help you with prioritization of tasks, Mailchimp email template developing schedules, guiding on what processes to outsource, and how to build reusable content blocks.

They also help streamline the collaboration between various creatives and keep them on the same page through processes and systems. Thus, it makes a significant difference to have an expert email marketer, even if you don’t have a highly seasoned marketing department.

#4 a Mailchimp Expert Can Help Build a Tool Ecosystem for Your Email Marketing Efforts

As your email marketing efforts flourish, you will need to build an entire ecosystem of specialized apps that facilitate various processes. This can include tools for quality control, referral codes app, third-party integrations for pulling user data from the web. It also includes tools like Zapier and even integration with a chatbot for optimizing your email efforts with respect to the overall strategy.

Having the right tool ecosystem will cut down a significant amount of workload off your staff’s shoulders while improving your email campaigns’ quality. Also, it helps build scalable operational methods for your email efforts as your business continues to grow.

#5 a Mailchimp Expert Can Help Boost Your Brand Value and Engagement Levels

Most importantly, an email marketing expert helps you build lasting relationships and a brand that thrives inboxes. A lot of factors such as excellent transactional email support, smart personalization tactics in marketing emails, rewarding subscribers through referral programs, coupons, discounts, good copy, and even heartfelt thank you notes.

As a brand, every email is an opportunity to come one step closer to your subscribers, and a Mailchimp expert can help you stay on track. Right from maintaining consistency through brand elements to minor tweaks in subscribers’ lifecycle management strategy, they can help ensure the highest possible engagement rates without costing you an arm and a leg.

Summing Up

We have gone through many benefits that a Mailchimp expert brings to your firm, but there’s one more thing. If you want to scale your team’s ability to handle email marketing in terms of technical and strategic expertise, this could be your best shot. Having an expert aboard can add tremendous value to your team, and it can also help you use their experience to train your staff.

You can also hire Mailchimp experts for project-specific requirements or on an ad hoc basis if you have a seasoned team but don’t want to make long-term commitments. I hope this article helps you understand the benefits of hiring a Mailchimp expert for your 2022 email marketing efforts.


Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers, which specializes in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email Conversion, and Mailchimp Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on email marketing blogs.


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