How Much Do YouTubers Make? Facts and Figures for 2022

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Social networks have long been tools for making money — that’s why many customers are wondering how to get paid on YouTube. But is it realistic to get the main income on this platform, and not just some additional funds? Let’s figure out how much money you can make on YouTube views, subscribers, and the video content itself.

How much is 1 or 1000 views worth?

According to some static services, YouTube pays subscribers for the number of views in the ratio of 0.01-0.03 dollars per 1 view. In general, “salary” amount depends on several factors:

  • the length of the entire video content;
  • the quality of advertising in the publication;
  • the number of clicks on the ad;
  • the total number of views.

If we evaluate how much user does make on YouTube for every 1000 views, then the payment will vary from 3 to 18 dollars depending on the size of the channel, video quality, etc. That is, if you take content creation seriously, find your niche and regularly invest in the development of the channel by buying likes YouTube, additional subscribers or boost packages with views, then you can constantly enjoy how the platform pays you.

How much can you earn from subscribers?

It`s important to understand that the channel receives money for views on YouTube, and not for the number of subscribers. However, don`t think that the size of the audience doesn`t play a role — it`s false! How does this principle work?

1. The more fans, the more reactions to the content (likes, comments).
2. A large audience shares content with other users.
3. The channel gets even more recognition and reactions, and its owner gets YouTube paid for views.
Actually, the platform doesn`t pay you for the number of subscribers, but their number acts as a channel promotion tool for increasing reactions — then, YouTube pays for views!

How much do users earn from videos?

As we said above, the amount of payment from YouTube views depends on the development of the channel. For example, the world-famous blogger Jenna Marbles with 1.7 billion subscribers has a capital of about $8 million. The merit of such coverage is primarily in the high quality of the content.

However, if your account is small or you are at the start of the account development, then achieving such gorgeous results will not be easy. Usually, beginners start earning small amounts from monetization (from $200 to $1000), and then invest the first earnings in channel optimization. And 1kviews will help make your account more popular because on this platform you can:

  • acquire subscribers;
  • purchase comments and likes;
  • buy views for YouTube money;
  • order standard and pro packages

Thus, if you are constantly thinking about how to get paid on YouTube, then first of all it`s worth optimizing your channel. It`s necessary to take care of the quality of the content, add meta tags and suitable descriptions for publications, and then invest part of the funds in the side development of the channel by ordering booster packages through a specialized service.