How Paraphrasing Helps to Write SEO-Friendly Content

How Paraphrasing Helps to Write SEO-Friendly Content

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The digital market has become accustomed to paraphrasing as the majority of writers leverage rewriting tools to create unique content with ease.

Although people take paraphrasing as a shortcut technique to remove plagiarism from already written content, there’s a lot more to what it does.

If we think of it as a way of improving content quality then we can affirm that “paraphrasing helps the best to write well-optimized content in a shorter time”.

If you would like to know how paraphrasing enables us to create SEO-friendly content and what is the right way to do it then read this article. Here, you’ll find everything you need to boost your writing performance and improve your content quality to rank higher on search engine result pages.

How does Paraphrasing Help Content Writers?

Undoubtedly, we all look through what our competitors are doing in order to find appealing content ideas. Although it’s an effective approach, we can never outrank them if our content quality is zero.

If we target the exact keywords which our competitor websites are ranking, we need to make sure that our content is unique and more engaging. Paraphrasing serves the best to achieve this goal and make our content SEO-friendly.

Thanks to technological advancements, we don’t have to do it manually. There’s a broad range of AI rewriting tools that can paraphrase the content within seconds.

Take into account that AI-powered paraphrasing tools help the writers to achieve:

  • Originality

(Rewrite to remove plagiarism and make the content unique)

  • Readability

(Restructure the content to make it more understandable)

  • Creativity

(Substitute innovative wording to make the content more appealing)

  • Clarity

(Improve the content quality to make it clearer and more concise)

Keep in mind that an effective paraphrasing tool would take only a few seconds to rewrite the content in unique wording, and improve its quality by all means. Don’t settle for less!

We have found the best paraphrasing tools using which you can easily rewrite the content with uniqueness and improved quality. So, keep reading.

What are the Best Paraphrasing Tools?

Thanks to AI, there’s a broad range of paraphrasing tools available that takes only a few seconds to rewrite content in unique and ingenious wording. Anyhow, we still need to be cautious while choosing a paraphrasing tool as only a few work effectively.

According to our research, analysis, and experience, the following paraphrasing tools are best to make any type of content unique, creative, formal, and engaging:

Word Tune

Word Tune is the best rewriting tool we have used so far. It is based on cutting-edge AI technology which accurately understands the context and provides up to 10 different alternatives to write the given content in a unique wording.

If you enable the Word Tune extension then it will be easier for you to get pertinent suggestions to remove plagiarism and improve content quality. There are different writing modes available to perfect your style according to the requirements.

You can use its free version to rewrite 20 times a day without the premium subscription. For sure, Word Tune Premium can help the best to paraphrase any type of content and help you write SEO-friendly articles with ease. is an effective rewriting tool that uses edge-cutting AI technology to paraphrase the content to remove plagiarism and make it more captivating.

It thoroughly analyzes your content to understand the intent of each sentence, paragraph, and overall passage. Once it comprehends the text, it substitutes suitable synonyms and restructures the sentences to make them unique. For sure, it never compromises on quality and retains the original meaning as well.

There are three paraphrasing modes including fluency, standard, and creativity that you can leverage to improve your writing style. If you want to paraphrase more than 500 words in one attempt as well as want to make your content more creative then you’ll have to buy its premium version.

You can paraphrase the content in multiple languages including English, French, Chinese, and Dutch.

Word AI

Word AI is another useful paraphrasing tool that you can use to make your content unique, readable, and more appealing.

Thanks to the advanced AI technology, it cuts down the time required to write SEO-friendly content. Just enter your content and see how quickly it rewrites it in plagiarism-free wording with improved quality. It shows how much of your content is original and enables you to upgrade the paraphrase level to rewrite with more clarity and uniqueness.

You can use Word AI to rewrite any type of content for your websites, social media posts, emails, newsletters, and essays. Its bulk feature allows you to rewrite multiple articles at a time.

If you want to use Word AI then you’ll have to get a premium plan. This is the best option for webmasters who are required to create articles in bulk.


Quillbot is a widely-used paraphrasing tool that helps writers to remove plagiarism and write well-optimized articles without any hassle.

You can leverage seven different paraphrasing modes to rewrite the content with improved quality. The rewriting modes include standard, fluent, formal, simple, creative, expand, and shorten.

For instance, if you are writing an email or website copy then you need to be formal. So, you can select the formal mode to paraphrase your content using formal wording. Likewise, you can use the other modes to perfect your writing style according to the requirements.

You can access the Quillbot free version regardless of any time limit but it will allow you to check only 125 words in one attempt. This is the best tool if you want to write SEO-friendly content for your website, marketing collateral, or academic assignments with ease.

Bottom Line

Paraphrasing enables the writers to create content with unique wording, structure, and organization in a shorter time. For sure, only unique and creative content with improved quality is considered SEO-friendly that can rank higher on result pages. Therefore, the writers can leverage paraphrasing tools to rewrite the content and enhance content quality in less than a few seconds.