Maximizing StumbleUpon: How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Maximizing StumbleUpon: How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

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To our  All Top 9 we used to get lots of traffic from StumbleUpon. Recently the traffic from StumbleUpon to our blog All Top 9 is like 2K, 3K, 8K and it goes on increasing.

Effective Ways on How to Drive Traffic from Stumble Upon to your Blogs

we used to drive tons of traffic from StumbleUpon.  and many of the visitors raised so many questions, how we are getting a lot of traffic, so we decided to put an end to their questions by writing a case study, “How to Drive the Traffic from StumbleUpon to our Blog?”.

How to Drive Traffic from StumbleUpon to Blog?

The most important thing is followers to us in StumbleUpon. If we have at least 100+ followers we can drive tons of traffic. But, how do followers make tons of traffic to us? Yes! only the followers help us to drive the traffic from StumbleUpon to our Blog.

The reason behind the followers is ” when our followers stumble in their account, automatically our linked pages are sent to them to make stumble. When our followers stumble our pages we get page views. If they are interested in our blog they can open our blog directly from the stumbled page and can continue. The more followers we have, the more page views we get to our blog.

How to stumble the pages?

How to do stumble and get more traffic to our blogs. here are the steps to follow!

Step 1:

Login into with your Facebook account or make a new account by signup

Step 2:

After login into your StumbleUpon account, on the top right side, you can find an arrow and click on that. Then click on “Add Page” as shown in the below image.

Step 3:

Fill in all the blanks like Web page URL, safe mode, about page ( category ), Tags, and comment. Give relevant tags, comments, and categories, it gives more scope to get traffic.

Step 4:

After completion of details click on “Add This Page”. Then the page appears as below image. Then click on “Start Stumbling”.

Step 5:

Then pages will appear to stumble. Do stumble continuously for 25 to 30 pages. So, that we get good results.

This is the case study about how we drive the traffic from StumbleUpon to our blog?

Note: The most important things are to have more followers, completing the details correctly & smartly, and stumbling the pages continuously. And we have good followers in our StumbleUpon.

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